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Whistleblower In Dire Straits

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Whistle Blower in dire straits.

Dan Abshear was building a new life Dan in Milwaukee

but recently it all fell apart when his girl friend of nearly three years left him.

He turned himself in for an old probation violation in St. Louis just to get out of the cold.

Is there anyone who can offer him work when he gets out of jail in three month?

Dan writes:

Presently, I'm back in jail again in St.…


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Inmates Write

Write--- (from Dan Abshear)  www.henrymakow.com ;


A few men here in jail with me look much older than what their actual age.  And this is fascinating to me.

This possibly may be due to  their in home doses of severe drugs.  Their accelerated age may also be due to various life tragedies they have experienced.  These prematurely aged men are very pleasant people to speak…


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Whistleblower Falls On Hard Times

Not every whistle blower
gets the support he deserves.
"You do in fact lose a lot when you are very poor and often broke- people in…

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How I Became Pen Pals With My Daughter

In August of 2009, my wife of 20 years filed false claims against me of violently abusing her one unforgettable day that month. The restraining order insanely issued against me due to these false claims remains in effect to this day, and likely will for quite some time. I remain homeless and unemployed due to this viscious act committed by my former spouse.

Molly, my now ex wife, did this in order to acquire a tactical advantage in a divorce she clearly wants that I was completely…


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Hitting Bottom: A Personal Story

"We were train wrecks for different reasons, so we were perfect for each other."

by Dan Abshear

(for henrymakow.com)

About two years ago, my then wife of 20 years decided to falsely accuse me of violently abusing her. A restraining order was issued against me by her as well, so I was evicted out of my own home. Soon after that, I was arrested related to these false accusations and wrongfully incarcerated for over a month.

While in jail, I spoke with quite a…


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The Hope Of A Lost Homeless Person

As of today, I’ve been homeless for three years.

My father died last year, and left me over 11 thousand dollars, with a life insurance policy.  To a broke and homeless person, that is quite a fortune. 

With that money, I bought some dentures for this girl I was caring for in Indiana, and I gave some money to the man I lived with in Indiana, who died last May.  The girl I rescued from Atlanta last year.  She was homeless there, as I was.  The man we were living with I met…


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When A Hetrosexual Male Marries A Lesbian

By Dan


While being married to a lesbian for 20 years was painful, it actually made me a better person.

I met my ex-wife when I was about 14 years old. We grew up in the same small town in Missouri. She and I are 4th cousins as well.

She took an interest in me when I was 21 years old. She…


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Thoughts From A Recovering Drug Addict

My name is Dan Abshear, and I am a recovering drug addict.

My substance abuse began with alcohol intake, in my early teens. My mother used to insist me and my older teen brother, also a young teenager, party with her, by getting drunk with her.

My mother would give alcohol to us, and my older brother’s many young teenage friends, often. This went on for years. My mother, by the way, should have gone to prison for this, as this is contributing to the delinquency of minors,…


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Living Life At Rock Bottom

As of today, I've been homeless for a bit over two and a half years.

Right after becoming homeless, I tried to stay with friends.  But that never seemed to be a comfortable situation for me.  Such friends did not understand how I became homeless, so my relationship with such friends was often fractured, I'm sad to say.  Such friends also included former lovers.  No situation staying with such friends ever worked.  My stay with such friends was often brief, and…


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Doctors On The Take: My Career Ending Expose

Whistles blowers aren't always celebrated.

Sometimes they're crushed.

"There is a pathologically intimate relationship between corporations and the U.S. government- their collusion is expressed in the revolving door. "

by Dan Abshear

(for henrymakow.com)

In the Spring of 2006, I became a pharmaceutical corporate whistle blower.

In February of that year, I had recruited a law firm with experience in pharmaceutical…


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My Thoughts, While Incarcerated

The number of actions deemed “illegal” continues to grow. Seen through that arbitrary filter that means more individuals who were at one time “law-abiding” are now viewed as “criminals.” That makes it more and more likely that you will see the inside of a jail cell. (Such a trend will continue unless we each stop believing that words put on paper by some strangers make once unjust actions just.) Many people use the time to reflect. Some, like  Dan Abshear who authored the below, share their…


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