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A recent MSN convo with a friend

This just frustrated me so much


he says :I love when I admit that I need help to kickstart my life

and 99.9% of people are likely to respond

by saying "you can't always wait for others to help you"

wonderful and shit

I replied: get your ass in gear is that better?

him:Forget I brought it up

me: i'm just wondering what you expect…


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You don't say?

About a week or so ago I was on the gaming/chat site Pogo, playing some mah jong and just generally wasting time until I was tired.  Well this lady enters the game room I am in and first thing she says in the chat is "Hello and God bless you all". Someone replied with "God bless you as well." It's not just because I'm an atheist that I found this to be a rather rude and offensive thing to say. What if I were Buddhist? or…


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Thought this was amusing

While stumbling around the interwebs I found this:

I got a good chuckle from it

Added by Billie-Jo Schuyler on April 2, 2011 at 1:37am — No Comments

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