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Chasing Rainbows

The colors show against the gray, day's dawn

A life's memories fade like thunder traveling the sky

The days of pure, innocent wonder are gone

Only remnants of my past are being buried by the night

Can a dying Rose come back to life? Can a rainbow be restored when all color is lost? Can a child's dreams come true, when the terror dominates them in their bed? I say that nothing is ever truly lost, only changed. Like clouds to rain, water never vanishes,… Continue

Added by Belle Rose on April 6, 2014 at 3:05am — 8 Comments

Insecurity - a life long struggle

What causes a person to become insecure? I don't mean psycho-analytically. There are enough "self help" books out there to make anyone know that "yes, I should feel good about myself." But I really think real insecurity is so much deeper than that. And the cure isn't a checklist formatted to-do list, or a run through of facts reminding yourself of ALL your fabulous qualities. If it were that easy no one would be insecure would they?

Religion doesn't help of course. It only adds fuel… Continue

Added by Belle Rose on March 8, 2014 at 2:23am — No Comments

The continuum of Happyness....

What does it mean to be happy? Is it a state of emotional exhilaration and glee? Is it an emotional experience? Or is it also a logical decision?

After becoming an atheist it seems like ever since I've been breaking free. Not breaking free from religion. That part was easy. The bond to my God was severed when I stopped going to church, stopped reading my Bible, and stopped listening to sermons, and when I realized I was trying to live in reality as though I was walking in a… Continue

Added by Belle Rose on March 2, 2014 at 4:16am — 20 Comments

The simplicity of happiness

I love to write. But for some reason I have not been able to put these words on paper until now. It has been a writer's block of the most magnificent (and frustrating) kind because I always knew a day would come when I can articulate my journey from devout Christian, to anti-theist. I just didn't know when it would happen.

Becoming an atheist for me happened so quickly, what seemed like overnight. Realistically it took about 3 months of reading and pondering the atheist stance and… Continue

Added by Belle Rose on February 25, 2014 at 2:57am — 16 Comments

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