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Google to bring Dead Sea Scrolls online

JERUSALEM The Dead Sea Scrolls, among the world's most important, mysterious and tightly restricted archaeological treasures, are about to get Googled.

The technology giant and Israel announced Tuesday that they are teaming up to give researchers and the public the first comprehensive and searchable database of the scrolls — a 2,000-year-old collection of

Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek documents that shed light on Judaism during

biblical times and the origins of…


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Blog/Forum Guidelines

Been awhile since it was posted...

ThinkAtheist.com requests that you follow a few simple guidelines when posting blogs.

*Apply this before posting.

Debate Guidelines for Think Atheist Discussions.

Debates are welcome but should be posted in the forum.


This includes Theists, provided they follow our rules and guidelines. We

have members from all… Continue

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Wisconsin 'God Squad' gets cease-and-desist letter

FOND DU LAC, Wis. - A Wisconsin priest has God on his car but Best Buy's lawyers on his back.

Father Luke Strand at the Holy Family Parish in Fond Du Lac says he has received a cease-and-desist letter from the electronics retailer.

At issue is Strand's black Volkswagen Beetle with door stickers bearing the name "God Squad" in a logo similar to that of Best Buy's Geek Squad, a group of electronics troubleshooters.



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Group putting up 20 anti-religious billboards across Tampa Bay

TAMPA - A group that advocates church-state separation is taking advantage of Florida's battered economy by launching a low-budget billboard blitz.

The theme: Just say no – to religion.

"To be honest, the price was right," says Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation.

"We got some special rates that made it affordable to get our message


That… Continue

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Lady Gaga Takes on Westboro Baptist

Lady Gaga isn't afraid of some gay-bashing protestors.

On Saturday evening, the goddess Gagaposted a note entitled "At the risk of drawing attention to a

hateful organization" to her "little monster fans" via her Facebook page addressing the protest…

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Woo! My home town....

Atheists of Florida to Sue City of Lakeland, Mayor

Published: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 11:22 a.m.

Last Modified: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 11:22 a.m.

LAKELAND | Atheists of Florida announced its intention this morning to file a federal lawsuit against the City of Lakeland, challenging its

practice of opening its meetings with…


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How Nice of BP to show us how much revenue they are losing...

How Nice of BP to show us how much revenue they are losing...(requires windows media plugin) Live Feed of the plume from 5000ft down.

This is what is going to be washing up on the beaches near me soon, and what Louisiana is already dealing with.

Please be aware, this is a live stream and may freeze or be unavailable from time to time. …


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Um, Riiight. Somebody please educate this lass.



Friday, April 30, 2010…


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Food for The Eagle

Food for The Eagle

By Adam Savage of Myth-busters fame

Good evening.

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to read my speech from my new iPad.

Yep. I'm not only a humanist, I'm also an early adopter.

I want to start by saying that, to me, any discourse from me about how one can live a moral existence without religion or the church would

sound improperly defensive. That there's an…


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Minister's Wife Dies After Lengthy Religious Fast

3-Week Fast Ended With Death of Evelyn Boyd, 55

Evelyn Boyd

BARTOW | A minister's wife who went on a religious water-only fast for more than three weeks has died.

Evelyn Boyd, 55, was dead for at least a day and no more than three days before her body was discovered Friday, Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Vera Volnikh said.

Boyd shut herself into her bedroom Feb. 7 and had no contact with her family… Continue

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Poll: Large Number Of Texans Doubt The Theory Of Evolution, Believe In Human-Dinosaur Coexistence

Poll: Large Number Of Texans Doubt The Theory Of Evolution, Believe In Human-Dinosaur Coexistence

A new University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey shows just how destructive a politicized right-wing curriculum can be. A large number

of Texans polled…


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Controversial Schultheis public schools religion bill ends in a whimper

DENVER– A controversial bill that sought to expand space for religion in Colorado’s public schools failed to make it out of committee Monday. Even before the hearing began, the bill’s sponsor,

Christian conservative state Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs,

seemed to have accepted the fact that his “Public School Religious Bill

of Rights” would very likely fail to pass and so offered amendments

that significantly weakened its provisions. In the end, so little…


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Ugly divorce, custody fight turns into religious battle

An already ugly divorce and child custody fight in Chicago has given way to a battle over religion.

On Tuesday, 35-year-old law student Joseph Reyes was arraigned in a downtown Chicago courtroom on charges he violated a temporary restraining order that says he can’t expose his 3-year-old

daughter to any other religion than Judaism.

» Click to enlarge image…


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Is America a Christian nation? I don't think so!

http://chrisb327.newsvine.com/_news/2010/01/13/3751892-is-america-a-christian-nation-i-dont-think-so The replies are great as well ~Dan

I've come across several Newsvine articles in which the topic of conversation turns into a debate regarding if America is a christian nation or not. As you can probably imagine, the discussions become very charged on both sides of… Continue

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Yet another reason not to got to church.

RICHMOND, Calif. (Feb. 15) - Police were seeking a hooded gunman who

horrified the congregation of a San Francisco Bay area church when he

paced the aisles then pulled out a gun and shot two teenagers.

No arrests had been made or suspects named in the Sunday shooting at New

Gethsemane Church of God in Christ in Richmond, police said.

The gunman flanked by two companions in hooded sweatshirts… Continue

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Woman says God told her to shoot at neighbors

MERRITT ISLAND - A Brevard County woman claiming to be God's messenger

has been charged with attempted murder after reportedly shooting at a

family on their back porch.

The sheriff's office reports that 47-year-old Kathleen Aceto showed up with a gun and began shooting Friday morning. A man in the house grabbed a gun and fired back, and

Aceto ran away.

Deputies responded and arrested… Continue

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Bachmann: God will ‘curse’ America if it opposes Israel

Got this from @Monicks on twitter~Dan

bachmanngreen20090928 Bachmann: God will curse America if it opposes Israel Michele Bachmann, the outspoken conservative House representative from

Minnesota, says the United States will cease to exist if it "fails to

stand" with Israel.

"I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end

of the United States,"…


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Atheists 'just as ethical as churchgoers'

Atheists are just as ethical and have as strong a moral compass as churchgoers, new research shows.

People who have no religion know right from wrong just as well as regular worshippers, according to the study.

The team behind the research found that most religions were similar and had a moral code which helped to organise society.…


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Psychology of Religion

Religion is a belief in an unsupported conclusion, unsupported because the conclusions theology reaches are drawn on a predication, the predication that a supernatural being exists.

Understanding this can aid non-theists in realizing the futility of debating with theists. The truth is that religion is a system structured to appeal to the most immature of human psychology and countless self proclaimed messiahs have proven the power this can have when it is applied properly. It is… Continue

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A marijuana bust along the U.S.-Mexico border revealed 30 pounds of the drug stuffed into framed pictures of Jesus Christ, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said Wednesday.

"This is not the first time we have seen smugglers attempt to use religious figures and articles of faith to further their criminal enterprise," said William

Molaski, port director of the…


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