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Vatican Rejects Bishop's Apology..

If you haven't already; watch this douche then read the story.

Vatican rejects bishop's apology

Bishop Williamson in the UK

The bishop said he did not mean to cause offence

The Vatican has rejected an apology by a British bishop who denied the full extent of the Holocaust.

It said the bishop needed to "unequivocally and publicly" withdraw his comments.

Earlier, Jewish… Continue

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Now this is a rant

Found On Craigslist...

Chance, randomness, and entropy (The Land Where Women Have No Teeth)

Reply to: pers-1050509897@craigslist.org

Date: 2009-02-25, 5:10PM EST

Life-Science has many meanings, one of which is the science and art of living. Yes Gertrude, there is a science behind this existence we experience, and an art form we practice that helps us enhance the science. We make decisions based on known repeatable outcomes: Science. When… Continue

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RIP ThinkAtheist.com Chat V1

You were the source of so much fun and debauchery, You will be missed.....…


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Chat log for "For The Atheist" Video Show.

If you weren't aware, Morticia has her own show weekly on ThinkAtheist.com. It is a video show and past shows can be found here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/531226

When live the show can bee seen here http://www.thinkatheist.com/page/for-the-atheists .

Here is the chat log of the last show.

05:04 evoLverR : but thats impossible

05:05 JustDan : Ustreamers; Please Type /nick yourname

to set your name or risk getting kicked.

05:05 DaveG-4191 :… Continue

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I love Stumble Upon.

Found on stumble upon....

Arguing With the Christians

By Bob Wire, 1-15-08

Wise up!

It was halftime of the Green Bay-Seattle playoff game on Saturday, and I had just gotten off the couch to promote myself some nachos in the kitchen. Our dog, Houdini, suddenly started barking like mad, and then the doorbell rang. Wow, I thought, it’s almost like he’s clairvoyant. Or perhaps he can see through that big window right next to the front… Continue

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