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Kidnapping for god.

PORT-AU-PRINCE - Ten Americans were detained by Haitian police on Saturday as they tried to bus 33 children across the border into the Dominican Republic, allegedly without proper documents.

The Baptist church members from Idaho called it a "Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission," meant to save abandoned children from the chaos following Haiti's earthquake. Their plan was to scoop up 100 kids and take them by bus to a rented hotel at a beach resort in the Dominican Republic, where they… Continue

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Give me a F**king Break! Really?! Wtf.

Scientologists 'heal' Haiti quake victims using touch

Amid the mass of aid agencies piling in to help Haiti quake victims is a batch of Church of Scientology "volunteer ministers", claiming to use the power of touch to reconnect nervous systems.

Clad in yellow T-shirts emblazoned with the logo of the controversial US-based group, smiling volunteers fan out among the injured lying under makeshift shelters in the… Continue

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From the UK ;Equalities Bill: Church leaders defeat Government over gay staff

Under the current law, religious groups can restrict jobs to believers and refuse to hire people whose private conduct is inconsistent with their teaching.

The Government had been proposing to water down these restrictions in Harriet Harman’s Equality Bill, which was being debated in the House of Lords yesterday.

However, the key amendments to change the law were thrown out by peers in a vote by 216 to 178 in a humiliating defeat for Miss Harman.

Miss Harman can… Continue

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Former Christian Apologizes for Being Such a Huge Sh*t Head for all Those Years

1. I apologize to all the homosexuals. I am sorry that I believed in a religion that condemns you. I am sorry that for many years I thought that the bible was right in it’s condemnation of homosexuality. I am sorry that when I no longer thought the bible was right about homosexuality being a sin, I did not raise a gigantic stink about it every Sunday right in the middle of the sermon… week after week after week… until the church issued a… Continue

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Academics fight rise of creationism at universities

A growing number of science students on British campuses and in sixth form colleges are challenging the theory of evolution and arguing that Darwin was wrong. Some are being failed in university exams because they quote sayings from the Bible or Qur'an as scientific fact and at one sixth form college in London most biology students are now thought to be creationists.

Earlier this month Muslim medical students in London… Continue

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WASHINGTON — A Michigan defense contractor will voluntarily stop stamping references to Bible verses on combat rifle sights made for the U.S. military, a major buyer of the company's gear.

In a statement released Thursday, Trijicon of Wixom, Mich., says it is also providing to the armed forces free of charge modification kits to remove the Scripture citations from the telescoping sights already in use. Through multimillion dollar… Continue

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Prayer forces plane to land.

PHILADELPHIA - A Jewish teenager trying to pray on a New York-to-Kentucky flight caused a scare Thursday when he pulled out a set of small boxes containing holy scrolls, leading the captain to divert the flight to Philadelphia, where the commuter plane was greeted by police, bomb-sniffing dogs and federal agents.

The 17-year-old on US Airways Express Flight 3079 was using tefillin, a set of small boxes containing biblical passages that… Continue

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Did it have an appointment?

Lorton, Virginia - Doctors at a small practice in Virginia got a big surprise when a tennis ball-sized meteorite punched a hole through their roof. No one was injured.

Dr Frank Ciampi says the rock struck the two-story building around 5:30 pm on Monday in Lorton, about 32km south-west of Washington.

He says they heard a loud bang and found the projectile punched through the roof and ceiling, raining down pieces of wood, plaster and… Continue

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Great Comeback....

I posted the video that Shine posted here on TA, on my Facebook;

My uber conservative, hipocritical, cousin("Fox News is all I watch") Replied....

...great comeback. That is as far as it went. I was kinda hoping he would give a little more insight on his…

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Think Atheist turns 2 this week! Thank you all for making this a GREAT… Continue

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What I wanted to tweet a 2am ramble.

Atheism is not a religion.

Many theists seem to think all atheists are together in a murderous blob trying to rape chickens and eat babies.

Atheists come from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe. Most will never speak out against another religion, and you will never know who they are. Others will be very militant against all religion, making it known very bluntly.

The one thing all atheist share is the non belief in an almighty creator. It's not just a… Continue

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When scientists don't know something — like why the universe came into being or how the first self-replicating molecules formed — they admit it. Pretending to know things one doesn't know is a profound liability in science. And yet it is the life-blood of faith-based religion. One of the monumental ironies of religious discourse can be found in the frequency with which people of faith praise themselves for their humility, while claiming to know facts about cosmology, chemistry and biology that… Continue

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"The decline of Rome was the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness.

Prosperity ripened the principle of decay; the causes of destruction multiplied

with the extent of conquest; and as soon as time or accident had removed

the artificial supports, the stupendous fabric yielded to

the pressure of its own weight."

Edward Gibbon – The Decline and Fall…


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