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Thanks for listening!

I appreciate all your comments. I want clear up a few things and there is no need to respond…unless you want to carry on a mature discussion other than…”I must be stupid or ignorant”. First let me say I have been educated…have a BS degree in Medical Microbiology and a masters in Theology. So…I have done my research…I stumbled on this website doing research and It was never my intention to ruffle feathers. But sense you have commented…I will too…It is my opinion that most atheist hide behind… Continue

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Please consider...your life depends on it.

Its amazing to me that atheist say, "Christians must prove there is a God..." when there is revelation all around us. Just look at nature and how amazing each species and creature operates, look at the human body and how incredible and complex it is... I think it is harded to prove or comprehend that we have evolved from some primal ooze than a master creator. Acutally there is more unanswered question with evolution today that when Darwin originally theroized this concept. In other word, more… Continue

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