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He didn't have anything to do with it...

So today I posted that video about the milk jug being related to god ( on my facebook. This girl commented "dislike :(" on it, so she messaged me and said it was rude and it bashed her beliefs...I told her that people putting stuff about god on their facebook is bashing MY beliefs. She went on about how god is great and how he did something incredible to her. I asked what he possibly could…


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Got it done right.

If you read my "Do I deserve it?" blog then you will understand this.

So I just got a letter today because apparently my friends stayed in after I got out of there, so they told the manager what went down and the manager wanted my name and address to write me an apology letter that reads: "Dear Mr. Seth Nonnemaker, I am terribly sorry the incident that happened when you visited our restaurant last week. What my employee did was unacceptable and I can assure you that nothing like this…


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Do I deserve it?

I was talking to my friend about how when I go places and people talk to me like I'm a "normal" guy but then when they find out I'm an Atheist, their attitude changes like night and day. I was at a restaurant not too long ago and my friends were talking about going to church. So they had asked me if I wanted to go to church right before I was about to order so I said "No thanks guys, I don't believe in that stuff." The cashier gave me a dirty look and said "I'm not serving you." I asked why…


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Who really has the better morals?

For those who have not read my other blog posts, there is this girl that I am getting involved with and she is a really big Christian. We were talking the other night and she said she doesn't know what she wants. She is confused about liking me and stuff, so I was just replying back the best way I could when she texts me and says "I need a favor from you." I say "Okay, what is it?" This is her favor "I need you to have sex with my best friend." I didn't know if it was a trick question or not,… Continue

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My parents reaction to me saying "I'm an Atheist".

After I told my parents I was an Atheist, they have never acted the same around me since. I didn't post this before because I wanted to get familiar with the site and meet some people, but anyways, It all started about 4 or 5 years ago when I was having doubts about the existence of god and I was starting to feel very uncomfortable in churches. I believe I was about 13 or 14 when I told my parents I was an Atheist. The reaction of my mother and what she said to me still hurts me today. After…


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Some people....ugh.

So I was on facebook and talking to some girl I had just recently met. I will admit she is pretty attractive, we got on the subject of tattoos and she asked me if I wanted to get anymore. I said yes and explained to her that I want ἄθεος on the inside of my right bicep. For those of you that do not know, ἄθεος is Greek for Atheos, meaning without god. I told her what it means and she said " really? Thats kind of messed up"


By now Im starting to get the hint that she…


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Flaws, flaws, flaws with the existence of god.

So I was on and came across a site with a story titled "A Feel-Good Story" and it was something about a 14 year old dog dying then the next day their 4 year cried a lot and missed their dog (natural human reaction to a situation as such). Then the girl said "can we write god a letter so when Abbey, the dog, got to heaven he would recognize her?" The mom said okay and the girl wrote a letter explaining how her dog died and sent a picture with it so that god would recognize the…


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Another funny story.

So a few weeks ago I was riding in the car with my family, going to Brunswick for my cousins graduation party. My family is super religious by the way, so when we were on the road I was looking out the window at different cars, trees, birds, basically whatever I could look at. Then I happened to look at this guys bumper that we were closing distance on, I had no idea why I looked at it, but he had a bumper sticker that read "GOD is GOOD"......I stared at it then realized he had his window…


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My uncomfortable experience with religion.

Okay, so this story got me really uncomfortable and just further proved my point that a god does not exist. One of my good friends invited me to this church youth group get-together, so being the good friend I am, I said okay out of politeness. Upon my arrival to this building of lies, all seemed to be normal until it was time for "down time". I had no idea what this was so I just stood awkwardly in the middle of this big room.


So when "down time" started everyone closed…


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