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It is my contention that if someone chooses to believe in something that is patently absurd, or impossible then they are an idiot. How anyone can believe that the supernatural is possible, or that gods create reality out of magic is beyond me. How absurd does something have to be before people will not believe in it? When believers talk to me about their ridiculous concepts, I just cannot understand how any half way intelligent person could possibly accept their ideas as the least bit… Continue

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I used to think philosophers were very intelligent people, until I realized that most of what they did was to argue semantics. There's an old joke about a college dean who is talking to the chairman of the physics department and he says: Why do you need all this expensive equipment? Why can't you be like the math department, they only need chalk and erasers, just chalk and erasers. Or, better yet, why can't you be like the philosophy department, they only need chalk!

I have been trying to… Continue

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The father of the three great religions was certifiably insane.

OK, lets do this one more time. Look up the symptoms of Schizophrenia, paranoid type. Read the story of Abraham in the Bible. Notice that Abraham displays almost every symptom. Hears "God" talking to him, auditory hallucination, sees a burning bush that is not consumed, visual hallucination. Has Ideas of reference, he is special God chose him of all people to talk to. Receives command hallucinations to kill people. Believes he is in a personal relationship with the creator of the universe,… Continue

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Crocoduck as a transitional fossil?

Having watched Kirk Cameron's crocoduck discourse, I got to wondering if this guy really thinks that that is what a transitional fossil is, an intermediate species between ducks and crocodiles, bulls and frogs, etc.. Surely, this guy can't be that stupid, can he? It is utterly unfathomable that any half wit could even think that such was even possible. Is it that I vastly underestimated the depth of stupidity of which some people are capable? If he is truly that retarded, how does he survive?… Continue

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Us vs. Them

We are good. They are bad.

We are sane. They are mad.

We are right. They are wrong.

We are the best. They are the worst.

We have rights. They shouldn't be allowed.

We are enlightened. They are fools and idiots.

We are chosen by God. They are dupes of satan.

We are holy and rightous. They are an abomination.

We strive for high ideals. They sink to the lowest depravities.

We are contributing members of society. They are parasites and vermin.

We… Continue

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Saturday, September 12, 2009 As of 2:08 PM EDT The Wall Street Journal.

In an article titled Man vs. God in the WSJ I found this delightful definition: "God" is merely a symbol that points beyond itself to an indescribable transcendence, whose existence cannot be proved but is only intuited by means of spiritual exercises and a compassionate lifestyle that enable us to cultivate new capacities of mind and heart."
Could someone kindly translate this gobbledygook? As far as I can ascertain it says absolutely nothing. I do suffer from dyslexia, but still ...

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Breeding to believe

It has always confused me that people in the mental health field do not immediately recognize that Abraham was a paranoid schizophrenic (he demonstrates practically every symptom in the DSM-IV for the illness.) Religious people suffer from a neurological disorder that they have been selecting for for thousands of generations. Religious people have been removing the skeptical, the unbeliever, from the gene pool by killing them. So we now have a significant portion of the population that accepts… Continue

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Atheism doesn't do anything

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Learn to recognize the illness

Several years ago there was a campaign to teach people that depression was an Illness, a disease, caused by physical factors and not just lack of willpower. Their slogan was: "recognize the illness". Maybe that should be the slogan for dealing with the conservative insanity that is rampant now. These people are obviously paranoid. Many are delusional, they are afraid of the boogie monster. Liberals are commie fascists (though the two are groups are diametrically opposed), intent on taking their… Continue

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Fitna, the movie

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Can anyone explain to me, why the Yahoo Physics Chat rooms are full of gay Arabic guys?

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OK folks, we have a genuine islamophile in our midst. I have learned a great deal from his videos, but I doubt it is what he hoped I would learn. I would venture that your average Muslim is not any more noxious than your average Christian, but both fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims are scary! Just so everyone is clear on this; I am armed and I do know how to use it!

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I know there's no God, but Satan, I'm not too sure about.

I posit, that while religions foment for the existence of God, the mere existence of religions is pretty conclusive evidence for the existence not of God, but of Satan. Traditionally, it is Satan's overriding desire to spread pain, evil, suffering, disharmony, etc. among mankind. What better way to achieve his desires than to create religion. Religions assures that various groups of humans will be constantly struggling to eliminate each other. It does not allow for compromise, how can one do… Continue

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It is my contention that if one grew up without ever hearing of gods, religion, and the supernatural; that when one was presented with these concepts for the first time, one would laugh one's ass off!

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I sometimes wonder
Who I am.
And If;
and Why,
I give a damn.

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Christian Brotherhood

When I was 7, two neighborhood kids grabbed me, one held my arms while the other punched me in the stomach repeatedly while yelling "dirty catholic!" When I was 12, the nun who was my teacher grabbed me and shook me while telling me I would go to hell if I didn't stop making trouble by asking questions in catechism class. When I was 16, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at my high school surrounded me and threatened to beat my ass if I didn't start praying with the rest of the team. When I… Continue

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I did not become an atheist because of what others said, I simply was an atheist. What I found interesting is that when I actually did find the atheist community, many of the arguments I had formed f…

I did not become an atheist because of what others said, I simply was an atheist. What I found interesting is that when I actually did find the atheist community, many of the arguments I had formed for myself had been formed by others. Reading what other non-theists had written was like a trip down memory lane, for I had reached the same conclusions, independently, many years before I ever read other non-theists thoughts. Like many I have read, they thought they were the only ones, a… Continue

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The anti-ontological argument for God.

The anti-ontological argument for God: God is that which nothing lesser than, can be conceived. If you can imagine a god that is impotent, but only exists in your imagination, that is not the least of gods that can be imagined.

A God that really exists, but is impotent is conceiveably the least of all Gods! Ergo, God exists, but he's totally irrelevant!


God exists outside of space and time. Since, in this universe; for something to exsist it must occupy space for… Continue

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Let me tell you about my religion.

I have never understood why; when people want to tell you about how loving and wonderful their religion is, and you say: "well that's all well and good for you, but for me, it's illogical, irrational, unreasonable, and impossible", they want to kill you!

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Father Abraham

To followers of the three major western religions Abraham is a pious man, trying his best to do what his god expects. To me; Abraham is obviously a classic Paranoid Schizophrenic in serious need of some major psychotropic medication.

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