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Death of an Atheist.

My grandmother, bless her tiny, uneducated, bigoted, soul, once told me that the most terrible (pronounced ter

- ible) thing she ever saw was the death of an atheist. My grandparents had a friend who was an atheist. When he was dying, in the hospital, they went and spent his last hours on earth, trying to save his soul from damnation in hell. They prayed, admonished, begged, pleaded, and cajoled him to accept Jesus Christ as his savior and lord. And I have always thought about this poor… Continue

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Family rejection

I was lucky, my family would never put religious belief before family, I'm the only heathen, but there is one Wiccan among us. But I have noted how many atheist have lost all ties with family because of religion. Now, I wonder, have any atheists rejected their family because they believe? I don't mean those family who make your lives a living hell by trying to constantly convert you, but have you or do you know of any atheists that have rejected family members simply because they choose to… Continue

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Fundie sports fanatics

I was watching a clip about two wrestling fanatics who injured a two year old girl while practicing wrestling moves on her. And the question came to mind, to wit: are fanatical sports fans, and religious fundamentalists suffering from different manifestations of the same aberrant mental state? My curiosity was especially aroused since I seem to lack the "sports gene", I find gods and sports equally boring. So, I'm asking the TA community, are there as many sports fanatics among us as in the… Continue

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In my adolescence, I went to many different churches to find what they believed, and why. I was truly seeking knowledge, I was curious. I would listen politely and would never confront or criticize. As I said, I just wanted to know what they believed and why. I have found, however, that when religious people come to me and ask why I'm an atheist, it is seldom because they seek enlightenment. Usually their questions are just a gambit for them to criticize, attack, and try to convert me to their… Continue

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The brain of the true believer.


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Christ is alive!

The signs are everywhere: Christ is alive! One of the churches in town has a sign that says: The living God is God of all the living. Alive? Living? I thought God was a supernatural being who exists outside of space and time. So, what's with this living angle? Do they breathe, eat and excrete? In what sense are they alive? What does this mean? Is it strictly metaphorical? Now, the Pharaohs were living Gods, and the ruler of North Korea is a living God, but to whom are the signs referring?

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Faith makes things possible

I just drove by the local baptist church, and their sign declares "Faith makes things possible". And, I thought, what a bizarre concept. Now, faith may give one the impetus to try something he doesn't think he can do, but it doesn't make them possible, and it sure as hell doesn't make something that is impossible, possible. As I tried to get my brain to grasp this concept, I realized that for me to believe such a concept would require a complete reconfiguration of my total view of reality. And… Continue

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The irony of community prejudice.

I don't know why, but reading about Constance McMillian and the prom being cancelled by her high school because she wanted to wear a tuxedo to accompany her female date, reminded me of an incident several years ago. I worked for a transitional home for the chronically mentally ill, and we were having to find a new residence.

Well we found a house in a nearby community which fit the bill. But, the minister of a local baptist church, began a campaign to keep those "deviants" out of their… Continue

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Crazies on the internet

What I wonder is how someone this insane can maintain a website.

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Have you ever seriously considered where your beliefs came from? I can't, for the life of me, remember ever making a decision to believe the things I believe. They were usually already there, fully formed, or when they were presented to me for the first time, I glommed onto them immediately without a doubt. Now, I do remember rejecting things I had been given or told to believe, examining them an trying to see if they made sense, and when they didn't, trying to find some explanation that made… Continue

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Mom in law

Ah, Winter's Solstice when Christians promulgate their reason for the season! I was sitting there, minding my own business when my mother in law (whom I love and is a real great person) said: "things are much worse now than when the bible was written." My response was: well, now God doesn't tell us to kill all the males (of our enemies) rape all the women, and take all the children for slaves! And she said, that's blaspheming and I won't have it in my house! And I said, it's your bible mom, I… Continue

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I came across these two obituaries in the local newspaper today:

"Uncle Jack" age 94, traveled many miles during his career and lifetime. On December 8, 2009 he took his final "road trip" and is now in heaven playing baseball with his friends.

"Auntie Gay Nell" moved into a new home and embarked on a new adventure December 7, 2009. She was joyfully received there by her Lord and savior, Jesus Christ and her mother and father.

I can't believe I actually read the obituaries, (I… Continue

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The war on the winter's solstice

We must do something to stop the War on the Winter's Solstice that Christians are waging. It is unconscionable that they should deny the true reason that we celebrate at this time of year, the sun has stopped its journey away and has begun its return. Please, make your feelings known to those who would usurp our holiday!

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On the impossibility of God

Please feel free to add your own.

Is God possible?

God exists outside of space and time: The definition of existence is to occupy space for some amount of time.

God can do anything: God can create a universe that does not need God to create it.

God existed forever, when did he create the universe?

God knows everything, yet man has freewill.

God created a universe of billions of galaxies just so he could give man an obscure planet in one of the more… Continue

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Accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

Growing up I constantly heard that if you simply asked Jesus to come into your heart, he would. Well, in my first year in college I decided that I would put that to the test, so many of my friends were Christians, and were certain of their faith, and there was the possibility that I was mistaken, so I decided to make a sincere effort to accept Jesus into my life. I bought a bible and carried it with me and read it constantly, I took a cardinal's cross that had been in my family for generations… Continue

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It is my contention that religious belief is delusion. Most religious people will adamantly maintain their belief regardless of what information or logic is presented to counter that belief. Now, most atheists, would probably change their position if someone were to present a cogent unassailable logical contradiction, or, better yet, actual proof or verifiable information that showed that there actually is proof of the supernatural. (However, perceived images of the virgin Mary, etc., in grease… Continue

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I always read that agnosticism is philosophically the most logical position since one can never be sure that God does not exist. My question is: how impossible does something have to be before you can be sure it doesn't exist? Take the Flying Spaghetti Monster; does anyone seriously doubt for a second that such a being doesn't really exist? Isn't that the point of FSM? There are infinitely many things that I cannot prove do not exist, but at some point the improbability of something is… Continue

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Us vs. Them

There are two diametrically opposed forces at work in human evolution. Biology wants diversity, that's why we have sex; to stir up the gene pool. Diversity increases the chances that at least some of our species will survive a catastrophic event.

Social pressure wants uniformity. My tribe is good, other tribe is bad. Those like me should be protected, those that are different should be destroyed. I think that that is the real basis of racism, sexism, homophobia, religious and all other… Continue

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Cat Stevens

I used to really enjoy Cat Stevens music, he is a talented song writer and performer. But I was always confused by his sudden adoption of Islam. When I read his auto biography, I learned that he had been swimming off the coast of California, when he was caught in a riptide and knew he was going to die, and he promised God that if he saved him, he would devote the rest of his life to Him. And later he decided that Islam was the route he needed to take. Why I found this interesting was, that at… Continue

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Several years ago I had a schwanoma in my spine, I underwent surgery, it was removed, but a couple of days later I developed an infection of my central nervous system and had to be confined to bed. Hallucinations, delusions, impaired thinking were interesting experiences considering my training as a therapist, and my experience running a transitional home for the chronically mentally ill. I was getting first hand experience with psychosis. But one experience in particular sticks with me. I was… Continue

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