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Mom in law

Ah, Winter's Solstice when Christians promulgate their reason for the season! I was sitting there, minding my own business when my mother in law (whom I love and is a real great person) said: "things are much worse now than when the bible was written." My response was: well, now God doesn't tell us to kill all the males (of our enemies) rape all the women, and take all the children for slaves! And she said, that's blaspheming and I won't have it in my house! And I said, it's your bible mom, I… Continue

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I came across these two obituaries in the local newspaper today:

"Uncle Jack" age 94, traveled many miles during his career and lifetime. On December 8, 2009 he took his final "road trip" and is now in heaven playing baseball with his friends.

"Auntie Gay Nell" moved into a new home and embarked on a new adventure December 7, 2009. She was joyfully received there by her Lord and savior, Jesus Christ and her mother and father.

I can't believe I actually read the obituaries, (I… Continue

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The war on the winter's solstice

We must do something to stop the War on the Winter's Solstice that Christians are waging. It is unconscionable that they should deny the true reason that we celebrate at this time of year, the sun has stopped its journey away and has begun its return. Please, make your feelings known to those who would usurp our holiday!

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