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Us vs. Them

There are two diametrically opposed forces at work in human evolution. Biology wants diversity, that's why we have sex; to stir up the gene pool. Diversity increases the chances that at least some of our species will survive a catastrophic event.

Social pressure wants uniformity. My tribe is good, other tribe is bad. Those like me should be protected, those that are different should be destroyed. I think that that is the real basis of racism, sexism, homophobia, religious and all other… Continue

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Cat Stevens

I used to really enjoy Cat Stevens music, he is a talented song writer and performer. But I was always confused by his sudden adoption of Islam. When I read his auto biography, I learned that he had been swimming off the coast of California, when he was caught in a riptide and knew he was going to die, and he promised God that if he saved him, he would devote the rest of his life to Him. And later he decided that Islam was the route he needed to take. Why I found this interesting was, that at… Continue

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Several years ago I had a schwanoma in my spine, I underwent surgery, it was removed, but a couple of days later I developed an infection of my central nervous system and had to be confined to bed. Hallucinations, delusions, impaired thinking were interesting experiences considering my training as a therapist, and my experience running a transitional home for the chronically mentally ill. I was getting first hand experience with psychosis. But one experience in particular sticks with me. I was… Continue

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It is my contention that if someone chooses to believe in something that is patently absurd, or impossible then they are an idiot. How anyone can believe that the supernatural is possible, or that gods create reality out of magic is beyond me. How absurd does something have to be before people will not believe in it? When believers talk to me about their ridiculous concepts, I just cannot understand how any half way intelligent person could possibly accept their ideas as the least bit… Continue

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I used to think philosophers were very intelligent people, until I realized that most of what they did was to argue semantics. There's an old joke about a college dean who is talking to the chairman of the physics department and he says: Why do you need all this expensive equipment? Why can't you be like the math department, they only need chalk and erasers, just chalk and erasers. Or, better yet, why can't you be like the philosophy department, they only need chalk!

I have been trying to… Continue

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