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I got so tired of seeing those "Jesus is my savior 3%won't repost" bull on facebook...

that I came up with this beauty......it was my status all day yesterday...


I am an ATHEIST. It does not mean I'm sad, angry, depressed, need praying for or have no moral fiber. It simply means that I have found all the HOPE, MEANING, BEAUTY and LOVE in the NATURAL and choose not to constantly SEARCH for it in the SUPERNATURAL. 16% are living the same lives. DO NOT REPOST if you agree, instead go out there and do something that makes you happy and don't waste the one life you…


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Does this make anyone else really annoyed.....

This video keeps popping up all over my facebook wall.....it's about the Hoyt father and son. The son is disabled but always dreamed of competing in marathons and other events. His father helps his son's dream come true by not only competing for his son but physically carrying him throughout the event. They eventually compete in the Iron Man triathlon....all this is very inspire, but what really makes me so annoyed is that the video below has this horrible christian song called "My Redeemer"…


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I'm calling bullshit on this kid......



His father is a pastor for christ sakes and has been raised with the idea of going to heaven.....and now his parents are whoring him out making money off or it! Is it just me or is this looking more and more like another Marjoe?

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Ignorance is bliss....but so is telling off the ignorant jack ass.

When someone I was talking to found out we (my husband and I) were evolutionists, they were appalled, they told us that the bible has been proven and that even considering we evolved from "a lower life form" was ignorant. They also said that they would pray that I find god.

To them I say...how dare you...how dare you say "lower life form" isn't that a little egotisical?? I have always believed that we are all equals; humans and animals...so much so that I am a strict vegetarian and… Continue

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Awww poor little christian is feeling judge.....BOO HOO....

So, a friend of my husband's and I is in Slovia for business, while sight seeing he came across a monument dedicated to 100,000 young "witches" (young women that may have cooked with herbs and other harmless offenses) that were burned to death in the 1400 and 15oos. He stated on his facebook status, "it's sad to know how religion can make people do these things to eachother." A friend of his then commented "arn't you being irrational by including all relgion?"

WTF....no. It's not… Continue

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