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Why we bother

Here's a wonderful guest post written by Isaac Wolfe from the Sexy Atheist for my blog, Teenage Atheist about why  atheists bother with religion. Enjoy!



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Should atheism have a symbol?

(Originally from my blog - Should atheism have a symbol?)

I was asked recently whether or not atheism should have a symbol on my Formspring account. It's an interesting question and worth pondering.

Symbols are subjective… Continue

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I fear nothingness

I fear nothingness

"After sleeping through a hundred million centuries, we have finally opened our eyes on a sumptuous planet, sparkling with

color, bountiful with life. Within decades, we must close our eyes

again." -
Richard Dawkins
Since I've entered the atheist blogosphere, I've come across a number of posts… Continue

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I'll create my own meaning, thanks.

A post written by me a few days ago. Original: http://www.teenageatheist.com/2010/08/ill-create-my-own-meaning-thanks.html



I'll create my own meaning, thanks.…


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Our gift to the Universe

Something I wrote on my blog after looking at some pictures of Nebulas...

Original link: http://www.teenageatheist.com/2010/08/our-gift-to-universe.html


Our gift to the Universe…


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How God evolved

I wrote this a few days ago and was looking for some feedback. Thoughts?

Original: http://www.teenageatheist.com/2010/08/how-god-evolved.html

How God evolved

Gods are reflections of societies. We make them, in our own image, to answer our needs and to… Continue

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Why I don't eat babies

This is a post I wrote recently on my blog, http://www.teenageatheist.com , I figured it would be interesting to get some feedback from an atheist community.


Why I don't eat babies

A common Christian response to atheism is: "What's the point of being moral… Continue

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First hate mail.

I got my first hate mail recently. It made me smile ;)

"your a terrible person so you are nothing but a pile of s**t!! you ignorant used your common sense! better shut up, you will never succeed. You have no right to say that god is evil, immoral,

immature, sadistic, unjust, egocentric, genocidal, racist and

misogynistic prick.

Are you talking about yourself? Do you know what comes out to our dirty mouth describe who you…

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Pascals Wager

Main article: http://www.teenageatheist.com/2010/06/pascals-wager.html

I keep seeing Christians throwing Pascals Wager around, as if it actually holds water. For those of you unfamiliar with the proposition, here it is:

"If you believe in God and there is indeed a God, you have everything (heaven and immortality)…


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Hell: A burning contradiction

Hi! I'm Raithie; an Irish teenage atheist. Since this is my introductory post to the Think Atheist community - I suppose I'll give a brief outline of myself and why I'm here in the first place.

I love to surf, read, play guitar and debate. However, you'll catch me doing anything - I love life and all that comes with it. That sums me up!

I recently decided to bring my atheism online and started to join atheist and theist discussion forums…

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