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Open Letter to YouTube User "GodLowDown" on Emotional Appeal of Atheism

Though it would better if this were said in person, to hesitate at all would diminish the message I wish to convey. In the video “ATHEISM: What Caused God?” you made a statement that seemed rather ignorant or at least

arrogant. I am not referring to your explanation that god is somehow exempt from

the same logic that you demand we use to question the origin of the Universe,

though that is arrogant. I am referring to your comment that atheist has the



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The Pilgrim's Descent

I stood on the precipice of the Kingdom of Paradise

And looked down on the realm below.

It seemed to pale in comparison

To the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven

Which radiated with beauty,

Radiated with peace,

And radiated with understanding

For all that dwelled within it

To the point that those in the realm below

Would strive to… Continue

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Flat-Earth Theory

What is the point of intellect?

People spend money at institutions

To be taught by teachers

Of the best quality,

To learn the things

That will make them leaders in society.

And yet,

People forget what they learn

In favor of what they are told by others

And what sounds more comforting.

People forget the science of centuries

And think that the Earth is six thousand years old,

That dinosaurs and man co-existed,

That a flood occurred… Continue

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Go ahead.

Travel with the Shepherd

For there is some security it that.

He will lead the way

While you follow behind,

And while you may still get lost

He will come and find you,

And he will keep the wolves and thieves at bay

So you will be safe –

For a time.

For a Shepherd needs to make a living

And his living is made with his sheep.

While you follow blindly,

Content that no wolf will eat you

Or thief will steal you,

The… Continue

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The Void

Deep in the inner-reaches of the Universe, near the center from which everything expanded from, where the light barely escapes, is a Void. The Void stretches across light years of the Universe and within those light years is nothing. It has been there since the beginning and has existed without qualm from the matter that makes up the rest of the Universe. For about twelve billion years It existed in the silence that is intrinsic to the Universe, and silence was all It knew. Then one day, after… Continue

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The Truth

Jesus was a savior

But merely a prophet.

He resurrected on the Third Day

But he never did.

Either way he ascended to Heaven.

Before he went he visited North America

Because there were Israelites there,

But they were gone before the Europeans came

Without leaving a trace of there existence.

And God is benevolent,

And he is vengeful.

He loves all his of creation

But most of them will burn in Hell.

There are no other gods but… Continue

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The Woodsman

Based on the interpretations of “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

The woodsman heard the screaming of a young girl and the growling and snarling of a wolf. He barged into the cottage, too late, finding the wolf devouring what was left of the girl. He gasped slightly, and this caused the wolf to notice him. It turned to him, growling, bearing freshly bloodied teeth. It inched closer to the woodsman and the woodsman backed away, readying his axe.… Continue

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He stood on that hill

A week or two ago;

He seemed a different man then.

He seemed stronger,

Had a greater presence.

He captured their attention that day;

Every person listened to his words.

He spoke of love and peace –

Things that were not new ideas,

But he spoke about them

With such knowledge and such conviction

That they seemed like new ideas.

And the people listened

And the people believed.

But now he does not have that… Continue

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The Rapture That Was To Be

I had a dream,

A vision that passed before my eyes.

In an instant it came and went.

I saw before me hundreds upon hundreds of beings.

I say beings as they had form but no faces –

Souls were what they seemed to be.

The souls had their arms raised to the sky

And in a chorus of voices, they were shouting:


“My savior, come for me!”

“Save me!”

I looked at the point in the sky were the beings were grasping.

They were so… Continue

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The Anguish of Father Williams

After lunch, during his daily prayer, Father Williams prayed the standard prayers. Prayers of peace, of wisdom, of faith, and health for him and his flock. He finished with a solemn “Amen” and crossed himself. Kneeling back on his feet, he gazed at the crucifix that towered above him and the entire chapel – a spearhead for the church – and he gazed at the anguished face of Christ, and Jesus gazed right back at him.

And then he listened. He listened intently for some answer, some divine… Continue

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The Magician

The Magician’s show was phenomenal.

He performed all the traditional tricks,

But did his show in a way that captivated the audience.

He finished his performance with his signature trick-

He took off his cape and raised it to his side,

Like a matador,

And then he dropped it,

And standing on stage was a man with a very stunned look on his face.

This was accompanied by a gasp from the audience and applause.

What row were you sitting in, sir? asked the… Continue

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