The "CURSE" of Adam and Eve

This quote comes from a site i was reading on a theists answer to Cain's wife…

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This is a great candy recipe...I know it sounds strange using saltines, but give it a try, it's a great combination of Sweet and salty.

Things you will need:

Cookie sheet


Saltine crackers

1 cup or 2 sticks of butter (has to be REAL butter)

1 cup of sugar

1 package of chocolate morsels

2 cups of nuts (your choice)

preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Line cookie sheet with… Continue

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Dr. Dino Says Evolution is a religion

My theist friend sent me this email, which i had to laugh at but he truley believes this.. heres the video if you'd like to watch it. Who is this fanatic??

Creation Vs. Evolution

Is the general theory of evolution a science or a religion? Biology professor Dr. Ben Waggoner of the University of Central Arkansas defends evolution as a science. Dr. Hovind presents evolution as an un-scientific religion.…


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Attack on Christianity in Des Moines?

I ran across this and couldn't help notice how biased this article was but even more interesting we're the comments. It's like people think atheist are angry hateful people. haha, couldnt be far from the truth

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The catholic church is pathetic

My mom has always been a catholic. My dad was an atheist and he passed away December 2003.....My mom was in such grief and the church offered her grief counceling. When she received my dads life insurance money, for some reason she felt she needed to thank the church for their "kindness". She gave them a $10,000 donation. In the process of her grief counceling she revealed that she had not let go of my dads ashes. (It had always been my idea to keep the ashes until my mom passed and let them go… Continue

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My First Bracelet Experience

I was play poker at my local casino the other day and i wore my think atheist bracelet. A gentleman at the table asked what was written on it and i told him. He said that's pretty cool, to each his own. Another man said that was the most ridiculous thing he heard. I said what do you mean. He said, why would a person flaunt their beliefs like that, especially someone who has no beliefs. I told him i have beliefs... I believe in myself...I believe i choose my own destiny... I make my own… Continue

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What is an Atheist supposed to look like?

A boy came to my door today and said he was from such in such church and he was selling candy for his youth group, so they could go to Disneyland. I asked him how much the candy was and he said 5 bucks. I sd " I'll take one box and you pick it out for me." He said "My favorite are chocolate turtles." I said, "Chocolate turtles it is then."

I gave him the a five dollar bill and before he walked away he said, " Thank you, is there anyone you would like me to pray for?" I said, " No… Continue

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