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A Message in Time

Someday, I will no longer be alive to walk this Earth, and like a lot of other people, I want to leave a unique legacy  behind that will keep my loved ones and my family members thinking about me, even when my body has long turned into dust. This story will be my story.


Imagine being able to see the lives of your loved ones from an accelerated perspective. Imagine waking up one day and seeing an entire year of your loved one elapsing an entire year. On the first day, your…


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How introducing 'doubt' might be a better strategy for Atheism than any billboard that says there is no god.

After looking back on my own deconversion from Christianity, I've realized that if someone approached me during the days that I still believed in the Christian faith and told me that there was no god, I would have balked at them and politely told them to go to hell. Now that I'm a devout Atheist, I often asked myself how did I go from being a Southern Baptist Christian to a rational, scientifically-minded Atheist.

It wasn't a billboard that converted me. It definitely…

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A (Biological) Purpose-Driven Life

Unlike religion, science makes a simple and rational case about what we should do with our lives, and despite the gray matter that resides inside our skulls, we have evolved from lesser organisms to fulfill some very simple duties:

1. We eat.

2. We sleep.

3. We fuck.

4. We shit.

5. We have kids.

6. We die.

After several million years of evolution, humanity's basic role is to fulfill those six biological functions in spite of whatever beliefs (or… Continue

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Converting to Apatheism.

Ok, I admit it. I'm becoming more an Apatheist rather than an Atheist. The more I live my life, the more that I realize just how irrelevant the question of whether or not a deity really exists plays a role in my day to day life.

Do I believe that a 'god' exists? Probably not. But then again, answering the question doesn't really play much of a role in my life when you compare it to the mundane things that I still have to do in my life--like work, pay my bills, pay taxes, and spend… Continue

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A 'Heaven' for This Atheist.

I used to play video games all the time when I was a little kid. I was utterly fascinated with all the possibilities that existed in whatever video game that I was playing at the time. Back then, my goal in every one of those video games that I played was to explore and do everything that I could possibly do before I realized that I had done everything that could have possibly done and knew that somehow, the game had to end. Despite all my efforts, I knew that no matter what I did that game… Continue

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The Closest Thing to Faith, for Atheists

Whenever something bad happens for a theist, one thing that I often hear from some (or if not all) of them is "it's God's plan". At first, it sounds like rubbish, but if you analyze the intent behind why they believe in such nonsense, what they're actually saying is that they need a reason or justification for believing in themselves and believing that there is some order to the relative chaos in their lives.

As Atheists, we don't have the same supernatural kind of reassurance. We… Continue

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Waking Up, Accepting Logic and Reason as Your Saviors and Rejecting Jesus Christ for Your Sanity

The path of "Accepting Jesus Christ as your savior" has to be one of the biggest mind games in the history of the Christian religion. I used to be a Southern Baptist once, and they often used that technique after they've convinced you that you're a piece of shit and the only way to "unshit" yourself is to accept Jesus as your savior, and once you've supposedly done that, they constantly told me that I was "backsliding" and I ended up getting stuck in a vicious cycle of mentally flogging myself… Continue

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Your Brain: Hardware That Can Hack Its Own Software

When I was a kid, I used to hear stories about how some people were able to dream, wake up in the dream, and then realize that they were still dreaming and take full control of whatever they were dreaming about so that they could do whatever they wanted inside their dreams.

What I didn't know back then as a child was that I was actually trying to find a way to 'hack' my own brain so that I could experience whatever I wanted. I only realized later in life that my brain (as well as… Continue

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Experiencing Death?

One of the hardest parts about being an Atheist is accepting that there is no afterlife.

Someone once asked me what death would be like, and the only answer that I could give was that it feels the same as forcing yourself to remember a period of time before you were born. In other words, it feels like nothing. It didn't hurt before you existed because you lacked the pain receptors to feel pain, and the pain of dying will only last as long as your body remains alive to feel the… Continue

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Hello, World!

I'm Philip Laureano, and I'm a devout Atheist. I've been Atheist for at least a decade now, and unlike a lot of the other blogs here on ThinkAtheist, I'm going to focus more on discussing the day-to-day issues that many Atheists face today instead of going on the theist-bashing sprees that seem to happen a lot on this site.

Don't get me wrong--I firmly believe that the Abrahamic religions deserve their place in the dustbin of history, but there's so many issues that the atheist… Continue

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