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It's been awhile, but I've got a juicy one here. Godwin award in only a few messages!


I've gotten rather irate with this one. He thinks dark matter, basically discovered in 1934, is something very recent. Amongst other ignorances. Have fun.

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Happy Winter Solstice!

I made a wallpaper for the occasion.

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Been busy.

The job market is horrid, but I'm trying to get a part time job somehow. I've been slowly bu surely cleaning up my desktop setup, and I've achieved this.

Admittedly, the far left is still the warzone of random gadgetry, rarely thrown out pillars of empty cola cans, and waded up issues of the paper I write for.

I've recently acquired Windows 7. Don't. Buy. It. By. Itself. Ever. I could've SWORN I've learned my lesson. Well,… Continue

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Look at these stats.

Yesterday Today 7 Days 30 Days

Unique Visitors: 15 2 36 36

Page Views: 18 2 54 54

Feed Views: 48 7 106 106

Subscribers: 32 6 69 69

Downloads: 11 0 17 17

Not bad after a few days of podcasting. My second episode will be done and up soon enough, I'm still editing it together. The odd thing is that my best microphone is a little Apple headset mic in my iPod Nano 4g. Don't ask why. But podcasting is fairly interesting thus far.… Continue

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Started a Podcast.




Pick one.

It took me awhile to decide to podcast, but I'm doing it now.

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-393f78a90d2b653b2e995030cbdd9200}

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I use a little site called Bragster.com


I'll be starting up a rather humorous dare soon actually. The dare simply is, get any holy text, create a bon-fire, and see how many paper planes that you make out of the holy text make it into the fire. Double points if you sprinkle a little black powder on each page to cause a small explosion each time. Take it how you will, but I'm going to attempt to acquire a particular… Continue

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So my old laptop has been replaced.

I don't think I could be much more tech giddy. I didn't realize just what the Intel Atom could do. It turns out that the Intel Atom is a 64 bit hyperthreading CPU. This thing blows away Pentium 4s even if they're over 2.2 GHZ due to the shorter pipeline and bit architecture. Long story short, it can run some of my favorite games actually. Of course it'll run the old Blizzard classics like Starcraft, but it's taking me by surprise in that it can run Nexuiz with a passable frame rate, and… Continue

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I have a counter for every single argument made against evolution, creationists, pay attention!

You will, like, seriously always win the argument! It's easy, you just post this image:

This is abstract art I drew on September 8th, 2008. I call it "Spirits". It's one of my personal favorite achievements, art wise. Now, you may be asking, how does this win every argument?


The answer is, it doesn't. Nor does claiming "evolution is just a theory" do any better. It's equally stupid… Continue

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I have a minor hint...

This hint will likely not apply to any human being on this site. Not one. However, this hint should be well used on Youtube. My hint is this: do not insult another person's intelligence when you cannot type properly or have poor grammar in general. This is excusable if English isn't your first language, but more often than not the people who attempt to insult your intelligence tend to be American born English speakers. Additionally, even if you type properly, defiantly be sure to avoid typos in… Continue

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So I like blogging here.

I've never actually kept up a blog for more than two posts in my life, but eh. I'll be getting my new netbook Wednesday though[1].

So, now for some tips on how to conserve scre- oh wait[2].

I am keeping XP on the netbook, but I want to duel boot a linux distro as well. But which one?

Ubuntu 8.04.3? It's the simplest, just put my Ubuntu SD card and WUBI install.

Or Pendrive Linux? It would allow me to use Linux on my netbook and if need be use it on any… Continue

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Couple of things

Strange how many comments my last blog post got. I'm uploading a video on the matter.

Well, I'll be getting a new netbook for sure now, thanks to craigslist. It's a good one too, hold on to your hats fellow techies! It's a MSI Wind, only a few months old (therefore still current). http://pensacola.craigslist.org/sys/1354443206.html

Only 200 bucks for a basically new MSI Wind? Lucky me.

Now I'll basically follow up on the point of my last post, misconceptions.… Continue

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Am I not the only one who is really bothered by this?

This happens ALL OF THE TIME. I'm speaking with someone, I realize that they're actually a skeptic and attempting to hide it, and eventually they "admit" to being "agnostic". Right. Now here is the problem with such people, and this applies to other such words or other such people. When you want to define yourself by any given term, it would do you some good to KNOW THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD. Last I checked, the term agnostic was used by us bipedal people who happen to speak a Romantic and… Continue

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I think I shall keep a blog here...

Will anyone notice it?

Today I had my eyes examined. It seems as though my suspensions came true, my left eye has become stable. My left eye will no longer become less focused. However, my right eye is still degrading. At this rate, the right side of my glasses will tip over from the lack of counter balance. Damned hereditary eye problems...

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