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Nutjob Hassan gets death penalty recommendation.

The Fort Hood mass murdering, islamic Army major gets his wish:


I guess he is drooling over those eagerly anticipated…


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Governor Christie Bans Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors


I believe Christie's legislation is the first of it's type passed in the U.S. I am sure many New Jersey teens are breathing a welcome sigh of relief. Conversion therapy needs to go on the dusty shelf right next to shock treatments. 

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Nice people say the stupidest shit.

Went to a local annual motorcycle event yesterday to take in the sights and sounds. Wonderfully cool for August BTW. I was talking to a couple fellows from 'off' and we were discussing the local rides that are great for motorcycling. Then I warned them about one particular road that has a habit of devouring riders who can't cope with it's demanding off camber turns and such. I mentioned that each year usually one or more riders become a fatality on this particular route. One of them…


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What's in a name, you say?

After disagreeing with the biological father (they were seperated) about which last name her newborn son would adopt a Tennessee woman proceeded to plead her case to a child support magistrate. The magistrate took note of the child's intended first name (Messiah) and informed the mother that she would not authorize the child adopting this particular name because there was only one person who should rightfully be bestowed with that name - Jesus Christ.

The woman has contacted legal…


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