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Christianity does not teach morality

Many of the Christians I have regular contact with are moral despite their belief in their Bible. They praise their god and tell me that the instructions for performing forced abortions, all the killings, and the rejection of homosexuals are things of the past that have nothing to do with good Christians of today. It's like these Christians recognize those parts of their Holy Bible that are incompatible with morality and label those parts as "just misinterpreted" or "from another time". They…


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I'm an immoral believer in nothing? Jerks.

Being treated as if I believe in nothing and considered immoral because I’m an atheist is frustrating, but it really shows me who’s paying attention, who’s arrogant, and who’s clueless about reality.

Piers Anthony wrote about a kind of atheist in “On A Pale Horse,” completely misrepresenting atheism if his logic were applied to the real world, though it made sense in his fictional world of magic and magical beings. I think this is a common mistake people make about atheism and…


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Isolationist Encounters

Generally speaking, we're all ignorant of one or more topic. Discourse, research, and cosmopolitan gossip are sure fire ways of educating ourselves. But lately, and it may be just me noticing it more, people have been watching too much F0X News, associating with Tea Party members, and listening to devout Ron Paul disciples. They purposefully omit facts with pull verbal stunts reminiscent of Pascal's Wager, as if there are only two possible answers to all questions. 

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The color red-green

I'm geeking out over a little bit of science I recently learned:

The 3 color sensitive cell types in our eyes allow us to see Red, Green, and Blue color wavelengths, mixing and matching to give us the rainbow. But there's a flaw in our ability to detect what we perceive as opposing colors such as Red and Green. To our eyes, mixing red and green pigments gives us grey, not the color Red-Green. Our eyes cannot see red-green as a color. Dogs have a 2 color system, meaning they still see…


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health care fears rights and privileges

I was on the fence about some of the arguments over bleeding heart verses fiscal conservation, until I gave it some thought about what conditions would be like without enough health care. I think I scared myself.

Health care being a right or a privilege seems to be asking the wrong question. If you really think you live on an island that has no disease you’re delusional. Poor health in just 1 individual can lead to a few concerned individuals attempting to care for the ill,…


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con artists and BS in grade schools

Why are we not taught how to recognize con artists while in school?
Would it have anything to do with the goal to keep critical thinking out of the class room?
Is there a connection, or is it my conspiratorial imagination running away with me?
What would a class on BS recognition look like?

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Belief bullies

Being a vocal atheist appears to stir the pot a little. Although, it’s been tense and heated, I’ve been turning this around in my head as a more positive experience. It seems worth it, because a relative just came out to himself about the nature of his beliefs in a private discussion with me, prompted by an exchange between me and my aunt, a recent public airing of religious family drama. He’s not a christian anymore, and I’m getting the…

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Thanks for not praying for me

It apparently upsets some folk when you post your status to the likes of...

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who did not pray for me."

The response I got was a public lashing by a family member, my aunt. She implied I was a whore. It was a very tacky move on her part, but for some possibly irrational reason I don't mind as much as I think I should.

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Don't Push?

My facebook profile prompted a few family members to praise Jesus and God, witness before me, and request that I give their god another chance, because He doesn't make mistakes.

My aunt pulled the Pascal's Wager card. To which I replied with ...


As far as God is concerned, your odds to be saved don't add up. If the Hindu gods are the correct path then we're all screwed. If the Buddha is correct, then we're all screwed. If Allah is the one true god, then the price will…


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Christian has no problem rejecting bible

I opened up to my cousin (I haven't seen in 30 years) with a lengthy post about about my life since we last met. Among other things, I explained the process of my rejecting religion, mentioned the negativity of the Bible, the traumatizing effect it had on my early life, and the sense of relief I felt once I realized it was all a bunch of crap.

Her response to me was unexpected, as she's apparently a Christian that has rejected the Holy Bible, and she explained it like…


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Bishop claims religion is self correcting

I heard the strangest comment from the out gay Bishop of New Hampshire on the podcast edition of Gay USA,

He actually said that he believed religion was self-correcting. However, he did explain that it was self-correcting over time. The point was brought up about the Galileo apology taking so long, but I did find his comment pointedly inaccurate. Religion changes, yes. Religion evolves, yes. Self-correcting?… Continue

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I've seen a ghost

Coming from personal experience with ghosts, visitations, psychic manifestations, and out of body experiences, I know this stuff can seem absolutely real to some of us. I'm pretty sure the rest are just faking it.

Am I a nut? Sometimes I like to think so. I'm guessing no more nuts than the average guy. Which might be a little higher than average here in the U.S. I have an active imagination. So much so that I even pass out at the sight of needles. I can meditate with the best of… Continue

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Spell casting with Jesus

I was attending a birthday/4th of July party with family-via-love (my boyfriends family). A portion of it was dedicated to my brother shipping out for military work. He's dedicated, good at what he does, and in big demand. His mother, however much she was proud of her son, feared this was the last time she would see him. We all watched a beautiful family video with some very emotional scenes.

Soon after, mother had a anxiety attack, the first I had ever witnessed. After getting her into a… Continue

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