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An open letter to Christians

So your god creates bad things, but you claim him to be good? Do you set up situations for your kids to cause them harm to teach them how to suffer for some reason? if you do, then child and family services or whatever it is called in your area should be contacted immediately. Whether you say evil or bad things, the point is the same, GOD DID IT!! christians are quick to make the leap that god created everything but won't accept the fact that he is author of evil and the bible says it very…


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Evangelists Plan 10-Year Strategy to Create a Christian Planet in the Face of a Growing Tide of Unbelief.

I will copy some of the article and comment on it for discussion.


found here!


The Laussanne Movement is arguably the most significant evangelical Christian force in modern church history.  It was started by Billy Graham in 1974 with the Congress on World…


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My story, so far...

I grew up in a catholic home where church was a part of who we were as a family. This was back in the 60's after Vatican II allowed 'regular' catholics to actually own their own bible. I began to read the bible as soon as I could read and by the age of 6 I had become an avid reader and enjoyed discussing what I was reading with the priests and nuns at the school I went to. I soon found out there were many parts of the bible that…


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Good Luck!!

Robert wrote this in chat this morning, and in the context, I know he was trying to encourage Heather as she headed out to an interview today. As I thought about it, I wondered if we really think about the things we say out of habit or out of a thoughtlessness borne out of tradition or good gestures, such as saying "bless you" when someone sneezes.

We say things like that without understanding the meaning or the origins of it and it seems an acceptable way to communicate our well…


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Do you miss your god?

I was reading a few threads and blogs around here and a few stumble sites and started to think, i don't miss god!


is this a natural feeling or do some of us struggle with our heart ties to the religion we left. it has been about 6 years for me since i called myself a christian and about 4 since i came to realize i was an atheist. my personal story has seen me go through an angry divorce, find a wonderful new partner and realize how much different my life has become without a…


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Protecting Muslim Girls From Rape is Now a Crime in Europe

read article here


this article should scare everyone around the world who believes that all human life is valuable and equal and should not be bound by the beliefs of any particular religious bent.


here is the beginning..


Freedom of speech and women’s rights just took a major hit in Denmark earlier today…


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Ear-piercing a baby

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My Grandpa died last week

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Torture Report release today

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Is There Any Ex-Mennonites or Ex-Amish On This Site?

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Why do we tolerate this?

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