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Really messed up situation....

How much proof does someone need to prove that another person is being inappropriate (in a sexual manner) at work?  Where exactly is the line?  Just wondering ...

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Women's Rights to get Paid what They are Worth...

According to the May 2009 issue of Redbook, women are still not treated equal to men; especially when it comes to earning their paycheck.

Lindsey Palmer writes, “…the Equal Pay Act of 1963 granted women the right to receive the same wages as men for performing the same jobs, today American women still aren’t getting the money they’ve rightfully earned.”

She also states that women earn 78 cents to every dollar earned by men; African-American women earn 71 cents, and… Continue

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The SIN TAX...a little rant by Robyn

There are many problems with our government as I see it today. Where to begin, is another story. I have chosen to criticize the “Sin” Tax today. It actually scares me that nobody has made an effort to exploit this pointless tax. For most who don’t know what this is, allow me to explain. The sin tax is a tax on certain items that the government rules, “…socially-proscribed goods- mainly alcohol and tobacco.” Socially-harmful goods, in other words…sinful-goods. Therefore, giving us our sin tax.… Continue

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The past year or so, I’ve been questioning everything that I knew to be infallible; mainly religion. Raised as a Roman Catholic, then later a converted Christian, I was told not to question. I wasn't allowed to question why we were Catholic. I hated it. It was creepy, and I never…


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