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If you liked Where's Waldo, you'll love Where's Jesus!

It's exactly what it sounds like.

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Declaring Religion Isn't Taboo But Responding Sure Is

My dad told me once that it's generally known that it's impolite to talk about politics or religion with people you don't know very well. When I asked why, he told me that people have strong opinions about those subjects, so it's better to not talk about them at all to avoid an argument.

The internet has changed a lot of social rules, and politics has become a pretty open topic of conversation. People root for politicians the way people… Continue

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Wishing for Heaven

I remember a weird moment that happened after my dad died. My mother had called me in hysterics and told me my dad was dead, had died in his sleep. I went to his house and it was true. He looked like he was sleeping, but his lips were a frosty blue and his face was the color of dusty miller. I remember not feeling anything at first and then having intense waves of grief and fear and sadness break over me, over and over again.

I went outside and shouted, then threw up. My dad had been… Continue

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ZOMG! Bruise-gate 2010!

On Wednesday, VP Biden was seen on TV with some shit sacred Jesus ash on his forehead. The newscaster, Kay Burley (I have no idea who this lady is, but now I know a lot of people in the UK seem to hate her), mistook the mark for a bruise and commented on it as… Continue

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Happy Presidents Day, Wiley Drake.

Nothing says Happy Presidents Day like telling your congregation to pray for the president's death.

From the article:

"Pastor Wiley Drake kicked off this Presidents’ Day Weekend with an email blast to his supporters saying “Imprecatory Prayer is now our DUTY” and

announcing a daily teleconference call to advance the cause. Drake has

been an… Continue

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What would Jesus do? According to Uganda, imprision and attempt to execute gays!

A lawmaker in majority-Christian Uganda is trying to pass a bill that would execute HIV+ homosexuals. How very Christian of them. From the article:

"We have our children in schools to protect against being recruited into" homosexuality, Bahati said. "The process of legislating a law to

protect our children against homosexuality and defending our family

values must go on." The… Continue

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My (image heavy) Valentines Day Adventure!

I awoke this morning to a top secret envelope with the words "Detective: Beth Lehman" written on the front left by an unknown person who identified himself only as the Captain. I opened it and found thee files inside, all with maps to different locations around the town and

instructions for each location. I took the first file and began the



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Woman murders over fortune - The double standard of supernatural vs. theistic woo.

I ran across this story tonight -

"SANTA ANA – A Westminster fortune-teller and her daughter were brutally murdered by a client because the fortune-teller wasn't able to grant a wish, a prosecutor told jurors today.

Tanya Nelson – who is standing trial for the killings of Ha "Jade"… Continue

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Damn you, Time Burglars!

Creationists make me want to smoke crack.

I don't know why I talk to religious people anymore when they ask me about what I believe. I invariably end up frustrated. I'm frustrated.

Maybe it's just the nature of two opposing opinions converging that they will ultimately slip into defensive and combative positions. I'm just tired of being 'reached out to' by theists who insist they are only curious about atheism and want to ask me some questions who end up arguing with me about… Continue

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The response - Dawkins post revisited

I thought some of you might be interested in the response I got from the Christian who inspired blog post about the Christian's question about Dawkins hating God. I published that same post on my personal blog and he responded to it there - ; If you want to see my response to him, follow the link. It's way too long to post his response and my reply here.

"you're right, many people have bible verses to back up… Continue

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I'm an atheist who loves me some holidays

So I'm the kind of person who gets excited by things like yarn and ribbon and hot glue guns, embossing tools, ink and stamps and all of that. I craft. I'm crafty. Craftasaurus Rex. It kind of makes sense that I would really enjoy holidays - all kinds of holidays - because holidays are a great reason to get busy making things. I love Xmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, all the big ones. I even like to celebrate lesser known holidays - Earth Day (though this one hardly counts as I was… Continue

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Response to a Christian's question - Why does Dawkins hate God?

On the Twitter, I find myself having an interesting conversation with a Christian who began the talk by asking me if I felt that Dawkins was helping anyone when his message seems to be that he hates God. How can hate be helpful, he asked, and why don't more atheists dedicate themselves to building relationships with the religious community rather than isolating themselves from the religious by way of harsh criticisms of God.

I feel like these are all really good questions, not because… Continue

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Daughter of an atheist - was I indoctrinated into atheism?

Indoctrination is an interesting topic for me because I was raised by an agnostic mother with little interest in religion and an atheist dad who was passionately and vocally against religion. It's been aggressively suggested to me by people who know this fact about my childhood that I am a product of indoctrination as much as any crying Jesus Camp kid. So I decided to really give this notion a bit of thought.

I'm not going to go into indoctrination versus influence and how the… Continue

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Pope says bigotry is a form of religious freedom.

So, again, the pope is an asshole.

He's now urging clergy in the UK and Wales to oppose an equality bill currently making it's way through Parliament. No, not just oppose - fight with "missionary zeal".

The Pope told the Catholic bishops of England and Wales gathered in Rome: "Your country is well-known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society. Yet, as you have…

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Why calling atheism a religion is a passive aggressive insult.

On a message board today I ran across a girl who asked how atheists respond to the assertion that atheism is a religion. There were a few responses before mine, offering the definition of religion as proof that atheism can't be classified as a religion and offering those golden little one liners that Dawkins and others have made famous - atheism is a religion in the same way not collecting stamps is a hobby - and so forth. I am less interested in trying to convince people that atheism isn't a… Continue

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CBS rejects 2 non-political superbowl commercials featuring homosexuals

Is it a shock that CBS is showing bias toward the religious right agenda?


But it's still infuriating!

CBS has rejected two unrelated ads which were submitted to the company for the coveted Superbowl commercial air time. CBS claims that the rejection of the ads were for different reasons, but it's hard not to notice that both of these particular ads feature homosexual themes, both direct and in-direct.

One… Continue

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When 'atheist' is insulting enough to halt legislature

I don't know what's more offensive - instances where people use the term 'atheist' as an insult or instances where people react to the term 'atheist' as an insult. Recently I read an article about a bit of Indiana state legislature that's achieved both of those instances in one fell swoop.

You may have heard about this already, but there's a bit of a to-do in Indiana regarding the standards of child-care facilities in religious institutions. The issue is that there seems to be no… Continue

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