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Out Of The Mouths of Babes

The year is 2112 exactly 100 years into the future, the place is a school classroom in Great Britain full of 12 year olds, the class is history and the subject is ancient beliefs. 


The teacher is standing in front of the class much as they do today but she has some flashier gizmos and has a large screen behind her rather than a blackboard.  She can call up text and images on to the screen by voice command as there’s a controlling computer which is attuned to her voice…


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Prayers Ban at Council Meetings Court Ruling

Court Bans Prayers at Council Meetings In the UK today the High Court ruled that saying prayers at the beginning of council meetings was unlawful!  An atheist ex-councillor claims victory!

What do you think the implications of this will…


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Can the US Army embrace atheists?

Can the US Army Embrace Atheism? Have a read of this article on the BBC Website and say what you think folks!

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Platitude of the Day

Platitude of the Day For those across the pond or elsewhere in the world there is a four minute slot every morning Mon-Fri on the main radio news and current affairs programme on the BBC Radio 4 Channel. It's called "Thought for the Day" and it's usually done by a priest or some other religious nutjob, anyway I've discovered this website which parodies these broadcasts and it's very funny!

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