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Why Should Atheists Have to Show Respect For Religion?

'Among progressive and moderate religious believers, ecumenicalism is a big deal. For many of these believers, being respectful of religious beliefs that are different from theirs is a central guiding principle. In this view, different religions are seen as a beautifully varied tapestry of faith: each strand with its own truths, each with its own unique perspective on God and its own unique way of worshipping him. Her. It. Them. Whatever. Respecting other people's religious beliefs is a…


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Very Tolerance

In old autism circles our Pain Tolerance was once known. Alan Turing ,father of the computer ran Marathons with out the "feeling the wall".  Before we were diagnosed and allowed to lead a normal life more than one of us fell from a tree and got up like nothing happened. In reality we were in the ER days and weeks later looking at x-rays of broken things we should have felt.  We never show  black and blue marks and it is only when we feel something horrible like an abcess tooth that we really…


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Best of my Tumblr Part 3- What Tolerance Is:


–noun1.a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those…


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Angela Merkel and Multiculturalism

Now that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pronounced multiculturalism a failure, it's time to look at why. I don't think it's any mystery that what she's really talking about is Muslim immigrants. When she speaks of integrating into the community and adopting German values, she's speaking of Muslims. It's about time she's recognized that Muslim immigrants, as a whole, don't really care about Germany or it's values -- other than its welfare programs, of course.

The Muslim mindset is… Continue

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As Atheists, we believe that any religion is wrong.

That being said, we live in communities where believers of many religions have to coexist along side with us. They are our mothers, our fathers, sisters brothers, friends and lovers.

We often complain about the intolerance of religious followers and prejudice because of our beliefs, but I feel that as an a more logical person, we should show the most tolerance. After all, we already know that most people are not going… Continue

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Atheist Tolerance - where do you draw the line?

As I have stated elsewhere on this site (and on my own blog,, I am an "out of the closet" atheist. I am a bit unusual as an atheist, and by that I mean that

1) I have been married (mostly happily ;) ) for 25 years this June (that's twenty five YEARS, in case you missed it), and I have five amazing kids (and one grandkid already!). Most of them are agnostic/atheist, and the rest I'm not sure about (I don't… Continue

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Christian Brotherhood

When I was 7, two neighborhood kids grabbed me, one held my arms while the other punched me in the stomach repeatedly while yelling "dirty catholic!" When I was 12, the nun who was my teacher grabbed me and shook me while telling me I would go to hell if I didn't stop making trouble by asking questions in catechism class. When I was 16, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at my high school surrounded me and threatened to beat my ass if I didn't start praying with the rest of the team. When I… Continue

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