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Driving thoughts

If the Bible so damn important to the world, then why is it so damn vague? Like "Thou shall not kill."  Ok, kill what, our own kind, other animals? Hell our own immune system kills infections, we don't even have a choice in that matter, does that make us natural born killers? I don't give credit to unfinished work. If there were such stones that actually had that, it probably said; "Thou shall not kill..."

This is a rhetorical questions, to you guys, I was driving around today, and…


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God being honest and allknowing ... impossible

This is my first try to create a youtube video. It turns out that an essentially easy topic is not so easily put into images...

I could need some critique and help. For those that dont understand the video i have a small explanation below. I dont know why i cant embedd it....

Ok... here is the original thought...

Although god might be allknowing in the sense that he knows all that is…


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The Bible is NOT Fiction- some thoughts

I like the idea that this article is trying to get across. i think it would have more power if the Iliad replaced the Odyssey as the comparative tool though.  The main thrust of the article is a very good point about historical value and have thought this to be a fascinating concept. And although the odyssey gave some insight into the thought process or psyche of early bronze age people, I don't think it as historically valuable as the Iliad.

  One reason for this - Arthur Schliemann…


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Thoughts from an atheist

Do you feel yourself holding back in a conversation because you don't want to sound overly 'smart' or offending the opposing side? I sometimes find myself doing so. Sometimes, I have to watch my language because, let's face it, some people 'don't know them big words.' I also find myself holding back because I don't want to upset anyone or make anyone feel as if I'm picking on them. I see myself doing this all the time...


A friend of mine asked for facebook prayers [I have…


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Baked ramblings. ...

Religious apologists often have a single stumbling block question to my "The right to swing your fist ends where another man's nose begins" mentality. 

To be perfectly honest, I don't care what you worship, who you worship or how you worship as long as it doesn't bother me or kill innocents. Seems like a pretty liberal mentality until you stop and really consider just how much religion does indeed 'bother' me by using the tax system as a moral enforcement code. 

...and it…


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poems/head thoughts


Our love was the sun.

Its fire so great it shone across time.

Then in a flare it grew colder and died, collapsing inside me until nothing remained but a black hole sucking everything that once was into a deep oblivion.…


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