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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says "Islamicism biggest threat to Canada" & Tony Blair says "Iran is our Real Enemy"

It is refreshing to see that our northern border ally has too come to see the true threat facing humanity in the 21st century. It is also refreshing to see the visionary and bold former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom taking a clear stance against the illegal regime of the Islamic Republic - especially since he has strong influence with the Quartet - I am feeling more and more confident that the international community will soon stand more firmly with the Syrian people…


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Christopher Hitchens latest article on 9/11

Simply Evil

A decade after 9/11, it remains the best description and most essential fact about al-Qaida.


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Terror in Norway - the lasting impact

There have been two major stories emerging from the terror, and these are some of questions I have to answer almost daily from non-Norwegians (apart from "WTF dude?!"):

Why are you so lenient against the bastard? He should have been shot at the spot! -Because we don't like suffering. We hate it.

What the…


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Twin Attacks - A Revolution is the Aftermath

I'm currently following the aftermath and the only word I can find to describe it is mostly inspirational. I'll try to compile a list of the lessons Norway can teach other terror-stricken nations and a list over shameful events.It'll be a long post, you can skip uninteresting paragraphs if i score a critical wall-of-text hit.


I'll start with the worst.

Immediately after the blast everyone though of Islamists. After the shooting started everyone (including…


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Terror in Norway - the suspect

Now this is a real interesting turn. Unlike the Islamists everyone expected, the terror was done by right wing/xenophobic/neo-nazis. Welcome to the politics of Norway.

The place currently being ransacked by the police (Hoffsveien 18, 0275, Oslo):

(The can is anti terror police, call name "Delta")

Here's the building in a bit of better weather. Note the…


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Terror in Oslo

Gallows Humor

Well, if anyone ever doubted that Norwegians start our weekend early and with a bang, this should provide ample evidence to the contrary. ;)


The Story

So it appears that our Government Quarter (Regjeringskvartalet) has been hit by a car bomb. Specifically, the buildings of the Departments of Oil and Energy, Trade and Industry, and Health, in addition to the PMs offices and the HQ of the largest tabloid newspaper. The Supreme…


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Terror TV

Here we go again, with huge time and resources spent to bring train wreck style news coverage to the masses. As I'm writing this, every news channel's covering a couple of likely-related (supposed) mail bombing incidents in Maryland. Injuries, but no deaths.

Meanwhile, how many people have died or are dying miserably of disease or by accident today? How about misery caused by just the lack of preventative health care, for example? These are just statistics, of course, without exciting…


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The Evangelical Quest To Turn Our Soldiers Into Crusaders

Seeing this issue come up on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday first sparked my interest. It sparked it enough that I decided to go on a hunt for more information to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes, so to speak. Sad to say, it goes tremendously deep indeed and I thank Bill for calling this to people's attention. It is indeed a shocking situation and if you haven't paid it any attention before, I suggest you start now for this may pose the biggest threat to our national security and… Continue

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Rationalism- the practice and promotion of reason above all else;

rejection of religion on the grounds that it is illogical.

All over the world, people are seen chanting prayers, whispering pleas, joining their hands and staring up at the sky. They are stoically against the realization of the futility of this act, of the actual waste of time. In all, an average god-fearing man probably wastes half his life just murmuring prayers. To turn to an illusion and live your life deluded is no… Continue

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