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If You're the Smartest Person In The Room... You're In The Wrong Room.

I wanted to contribute my current day-to-day experience which shares much in common with those posting and agreeing that "They Can't  Live On This Planet Anymore!" and to offer what helps me through it every day.

When I'm not developing lectures and multimedia pieces for Innerspace Labs, (please see my profile for fun bits about that!), I pay the rent working as a supervisor in a print center.

It is, indeed a struggle, as my workplace is made up of proudly fundamentalist…


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Yet Another Commentary on Elevatorgate

A minor exchange in an elevator is causing quite a fiasco in the skeptic/atheist community. It is very confusing and distressing, but we can learn from this. 


First, let me emphasize that Rebecca Watson was doing a service by reminding people that women often don't like to be hit on at conferences. It deserves to be repeated. So guys, be really sure she's interested before you proposition a woman. Fair enough. As humanists we strive to cause as little discomfort in others as…


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Not Divine Revelation

I recently attended a panel discussion at the University of Cape Town on religion and gender. It was hosted by the Current Affairs Student Society and the people on the panel were:

Charles. A white Christian man.

Sadia. An Indian Muslim woman.

Azila. A White Jewish woman.

All three debators are from the Religious Studies Department at UCT, and Azila is the first and only female Rabbi in South Africa.


Charles spoke about the… Continue

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The Brains Above the Neck v. The Brains Below the Neck

Remember that old commercial with Charelton Heston where he says, "Confidence is sexy?" In this case, and probably not many others, I agree with "Moses." My moniker, krissthesexyatheist has been misinterpreted and I can't blame our sexist society and preconceived definitions of the word. Throughout the years I have had many nicknames: Lord of the Kriss, Hey-sous Kriss Superstar and Krissncleo (that one is because I love my dead, flat cat Cleo-she was run over years ago.). A couple of years ago… Continue

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Christianity : Sexism

Masolino's The coffee shop where I work is constantly crawling with holy rollers. One of these people recently left her "amplified" version of the bible behind, and it was promptly taken to the back. I have been perusing it for a week, looking for every passage that the owner highlighted and trying to divine what kind of person this mystery woman is.

The most heavily highlighted areas were in the book of Job and Proverbs, particularly passages about women. More particularly than that,… Continue

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Hey Lady, Shut up!

I know this is from a while ago, but I just stumbled across it -


It's basically saying why exactly a woman doesn't have the right to say or do anything (because of the bible - shocking!)... except for making sure she marries a manly man that makes sure she continues to not have any say in anything! (emphasis… Continue

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