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The Bible According to Brad

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01:01   Adam & Eve   In the Big Inning

04:01   Cain & Abel   Don't bring God fruits…


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Youthful Skepticism

A very early memory of mine was the United States' Bicentennial, 1976. I remember feeling so good about this country. A few years later, another prominent memory was created - the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

I will not make a case for the US' installation of the Shah as being just. I will not make a case against Iranians wanting to pursue their own destiny with less Western influence. I will however ask you to consider and also consciously identify the concern that religious…


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Growing old.

What no one told me about growing old

They say it beats the alternative, but sometimes I wonder.

Your eyes, around 40 they just quit working like they did, usually the first in a long list of body part failures. Then, in no particular order (and if it hasn’t happened yet you haven't lived long enough): You can no longer write your name in the snow when you pee (doesn't apply to women). Your…


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You Can be in My Dream if I Can be in Yours

Can’t kill, detain or release militants? Frame a legal policy. The Verdict, a blog for the Express Tribune, the modern face of Pakistan. Corn, it’s What’s for Dinner

Genesis 39:20 to 48:1

39:20 Although Joseph was a mere Canaanite slave, he rejected his Egyptian master’s wife’s romantic advances on moral principles. The scorned woman screamed rape and what with having Joe’s shredded shirt in her possession…

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No Soup For You

Thirsty Camel by English Wolf The Need to Breed

Genesis 23:1 to 26:34

23:1 Abraham’s wife Sarah died at the age of 127. It happened during the time when Abe was ranging cattle in an area being controlled by the Hittites. In great sorrow he negotiated with them for the deed to a remote cave that he used to entomb dear Sarah. Abraham felt old.

Abe said to his…

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Where you want this killing done?

The Palace Harem A Special Mountain

Genesis 20:1 to 22:1

20:1 After the horrible tragedy at Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham decided it would be best to clear out of Canaan for awhile. He relocated his operation to the south in the kingdom of Gerar and just like that time before, when he visited Egypt, he chose to deceive people by telling everyone…

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Raising Cain

Don't Bring God Fruits

Genesis 4:1 to 4:25Planting Seeds by ~mzdinolatino

4:1 Adam performed the sex act on Eve and she gave birth to a pair of baby boys. One boy, named Abel, grew up to be a semi-nomadic shepherd, migrating about the region with herds of sheep and goats, ever in search of good…


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In the Big Inning

The Bible According to Blog

GENESIS 1:1 to 3:7

1:1 In the beginning the Gods created the Universe.

The first thing you have to get over is that Hebrew plural “Gods” in the first sentence. The Romans got over it with a little…


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Woman Uses Box Cutter to Circumcise Infant

I'm circumcised, and always thought it was for hygienic reasons (more than the religious ones). Hearing this story makes me really stifle an urge to cry. I shot a sketch yesterday where we make fun of a guy decapitating a dog and we thought we might be called sick. Then someone goes and does something like this for real. So sad.




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Ezekiel The False Prophet

It's not too hard to find a contradiction or a false prophecy in the bible… Continue

Added by Jason Paisley on November 3, 2010 at 5:50pm — 6 Comments

Christians not all crazy? Gasp!

I'm a Christian. Ya'll hate me. I get it. But, while I'm here, I hope to bridge the gap a little between us. I don't plan on converting you or anything ridiculous like that. I don't have the time and let's face it, you don't want to listen anyways. Rather, I prefer to show you that not all of us are lunatics.

So, for starters, here's an example of something "logical" that we can relate on. Not ALL Christians believe in a young earth. In fact, the idea to me is rather silly. I like to… Continue

Added by Altis Fosteson on January 6, 2010 at 1:55am — 36 Comments

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