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If there is this white hair man in the sky that created everything and knows everything past  present and future. he created the devil and set him loose to bring havoc to all the other people he created and then one day he will have a war with him and win and throw him in a lake of fire. what was the point? so he knows hes going to win why even bother? and if you love someone why do bad things to them? why do modern people believe this crap every time something bad happens "o its gods will…


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Baked ramblings. ...

Religious apologists often have a single stumbling block question to my "The right to swing your fist ends where another man's nose begins" mentality. 

To be perfectly honest, I don't care what you worship, who you worship or how you worship as long as it doesn't bother me or kill innocents. Seems like a pretty liberal mentality until you stop and really consider just how much religion does indeed 'bother' me by using the tax system as a moral enforcement code. 

...and it…


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How should I label this?

My mom works at a nursing home caring for seniors. She works in a diverse environment- ethnically and culturally. Although she is excellent at her job, her English isn't very good and she does not know how to use the computer. So what she does is whenever she is asked for an email address, she provides mine and I'm perfectly fine with it- so long as they don't spam me and especially so if they do not spam with me religious bullshit.

But it finally…

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You just hate god!

How many of you get that?

My answer is quite simply this:

"I do not hate god. I hate your idea of god. I hate your jealous, homophobic, misogynistic, genocidal, pedophile persona of a 'higher power.' I hate the actions that result from a moral code put down by goat herders two thousand years before my birth. I -quite literally- hate the hatred the followers of the Abrahamic god foster upon this world."

I hate your god about as much as you hate Freddie Kruger. Even an imaginary… Continue

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The suspension of disbelief and vegetable cults.

Back when I was in middle school the question of my religion came up a lot. It was odd 'cause other students rarely talked to me and vice versa. I was wary of admitting I was an atheist given how mean kids can be, but I wouldn't deny it. I personally wanted to tell them to mind their own business. But that only worked when I managed to hurt their feelings. Which wasn't really my intention.

So I compromised. I wouldn't tell them I was an atheist and I'd wouldn't tell them to leave me…


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The Pursuit Of Order From Nonsense

A story in the NY Times called How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect outlines a new theory about how the mind can work better after being exposed to nonsense or illogical situations. Near the end of the story is this conclusion: "The urge for order satisfies itself, it seems, regardless of the quality of the evidence."

I immediately thought of religion, where the "quality of the evidence" is extremely… Continue

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I sometimes wonder
Who I am.
And If;
and Why,
I give a damn.

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