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My brother's unintentionally insulting Thai curry

Went out with my sister, my brother, and his wife last night. While the rest of us made rather conservative choices (spicy beef salad for me and a couple mainstream curry choices for the two women) my brother order (get this) pork massaman curry?

"Well, what's wrong with that?" you may ask.

You need to understand what "massaman" ("mussamun," "mussaman") means in Thai. It means "Moslem." Now, Muslims observe pretty much the same Kosher laws as the Jews, meaning, for one thing,…


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Local Favoritism

Was in the grocery store yesterday and overheard a conversation. A woman affiliated with a local church was asking the meat department guy about the 10 percent discount afforded to churches. She was trying to verify if the discount was still in effect. Isn't it great that we let these churches collect monies tax free from their members and go to the local grocery store and get discounts on food. I'm jealous.

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Another one?

I got another religious pamphlet at work tonight. This happens every once in a while. Used to be a born again christian coworker who would leave them behind. Mostly for me. She wanted to save me. You know, the usual. We'd get in debates and she could be fairly nice but she would go out of her way to bring up religion even when I was steering clear. It was to the point that other coworkers, even ones who do believe in god wanted nothing to do with her. She's gone now but sometimes people come… Continue

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Ass Wednesday

I had possibly the worst dinner ever last night. I forgot it was ash wednesday. Never again. Neeeeverrrr again. There was a table of people who had obviously gone to church. Even if they hadn't had big blacks splotches on their foreheads we would have known. They would not SHUT UP about damn church. The one woman was outright giving bible classes to the other two people she was with. and they were soooo LOUD. I outright hit the table with my head at one point.


I know some…


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Athiest Cookout - What to name the food?

My girlfriend and I are trying to think of names to give to food items at a hypothetical atheist cookout. Here is what we have so far:

Missing Sausage Links

Primordial Soup

Russell's tea


Java Man Java

Flying Spaghetti Pasta


Ebryoreos (embryology, and oreos)

Natural Selection of Assorted Cheeses

Origin and Tonic (or Origin Julius)



Pascal's WaGerman Chocolate Cake (am I… Continue

Added by David Capito on May 18, 2009 at 10:59pm — 4 Comments

I understand how mormons hold onto their members now...

So tonight I was crashing at a Mormon household. I was made a nice dinner and while in the kitchen I noticed the label on the mayo...

So I decided to snoop (it's cool I'm a welcome to snoop here). Here is what I found; 3 Bags of cake mix Untold numbers of Pudding and Gelatin mixes, peanut butter, and Non-fat dry milk.

*Not all Items pictured*

All were from the "Dessert" brand and all… Continue

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I am an official curry monster.

So my friends and I went to the Brick Lane Curry House in NYC this afternoon, home of what could be the country's hottest curry, called phaal. Its so hot they have a disclaimer on the menu, and it was actually featured in an episode of 'Man vs. Food.' You get a free beer and certificate if you finish it.

IT was agonizing, and took quite a while, but finish it we did, emerging Curry Champions.…


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