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UK Government stops funding of Creationist schools

It is beyond my ken that anyone can seriously argue that there is a modern scientific basis to the bible or any of the other religious texts that are at least hundreds of years old.  I can appreciate those tomes as sources for social history, as guides to anthropological development or steps to a modern moral framework.

Although I have no faith I can grasp that the religious can cherry-pick stories for as virtuous examples or they can treat the texts as allegorical.  They can even try…


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Letter to Robert O Adair III: Zealot Extraordinaire

Note- Published in 2010. This with all articles associated with Robert Adair were removed from my Associated Content page. 

I have posted an article refuting your Cosmological Argument. It is sad that you actually have people that listen to your fraudulent ideas. If your arguments were half as strong as your ego, you might have a point to make. It angers me that you fool uneducated people with your faulty and twisted thinking. I have read many of your comments and the comments of your…


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Robert O Adair: Screaming in Ignorance

The following messages were a conversation that took place between Robert Adair and me. I am posting this conversation because I believe it is important for people, especially Robert’s followers, to understand how Robert operates. In this conversation Robert continually harps on this idea that I do not understand the Cosmological Argument. The crux of Robert’s argument is that the universe must have an uncaused cause. Notice how when Robert is confronted he immediately resorts to name…


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The Bizarre World of Robert O Adair: The zealot’s con

Note- Published in 2010, this article was a direct rebuttal to Robert Adair's counterargument with regard to the Cosmological argument. His counterargument is available on Associated Content here (Adair, 2010). 

          Robert Adair provides me with limitless examples of why people should abstain from religious belief and faith in God. Where do I begin? Let us begin with Adair’s…


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Letter to Robert O Adair II: The Sophist

The following comment amongst others was left on my article Letter to Robert O. Adair. I don’t feel it is necessary to refute them all as they all seem to follow the same general malaise.

“Van Noir, I repeat, you cannot refute the Cosmological argument nor can you make a case for the ontological significance of logic. Dismissal and denial are logical fallacies. You should…


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Argument With a Creationist

So I went into a creationist DeviantArt group to see if they had any good arguments to hold up their silliness...and of course, they didn't. 

I went in respectful; I was honestly just trying to see what their argument was for why they don't think evolution works, and why they think dinos coexisted with people...because I can't even make that leap of logic.

I got shut down pretty quickly by the leader of the group, who insisted that I was a troll for disagreeing with them…


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My thoughts on Creationists

 I've been coming across more and more people who seem to buy into the scam of Creationism. I'm sure everyone will agree that it is NOT science and cannot/should not be used to teach history lessons. I mean, Xenu did throw billions of humans into the great volcano 75 million years ago. So, then why isn't Scientology used in museums? It is because it is a story written in around the 1950's by a MAN. Christianity was written 2000 years ago by MEN. I just don't understand Creationists reasoning…


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Letter to Atheist's

Dear Atheist,

Yes dear christian?

Do you think its a coincidence that...

of billions of stars and planets in the many galaxies, only earth has life, and abundance of it?

the sun is 400 times the size of the earth's moon, 400 times further away from earth than the moon, yet they look both proportionally the same size in our sky?

the sun lights the days nicely, while the moon glimmers in the night sweetly and the clouds bring forth rain to…

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Where Do Young Earth Creationist Get The "6000 Year Old Earth" From?

I'm sure you would not find it surprising that the person has zero scientific background.

Considering the fact that it was the cult of the Seventh-Day Adventist church that I escaped from; I was quite surprised to find out the "6000 year old earth" premise was the brain-child of SDA church founder,… Continue

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'Biblically Correct Tours' Of Nature and Science Museum

A radio program from the BBC World Service shows what is being taught at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science by Bill Jack, a Christian creationist, who takes schoolchildren on 'Biblically Correct Tours' of the museum.

Jack teaches the children that the museum is full of "art work" and not a museum, but a church. He claims, of course, that "evolution is not science." He wants the… Continue

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hey every one look at this t-shirt

hey every one look at this t-shirt heres the link: your Brain

it's like… Continue

Added by phillipmac88 on October 9, 2009 at 9:30pm — 3 Comments is a Fraud

Some of you may have seen the link posted on to an article written by Mark Tiborsky of The Cleveland Freethinkers. I thought I'd dig around on a bit and see how blatant it was.

They… Continue

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"Scientist: Perhaps it only appears that I broke your kneecap..."

Moderator: We're here today to debate the hot new topic, evolution versus Intelligent Des---

(Scientist pulls out baseball bat.)

Moderator: Hey, what are you doing?

(Scientist breaks Intelligent Design advocate's kneecap.)


Scientist: Perhaps it only appears that I broke your kneecap. Certainly, all the evidence points to the hypothesis I broke your kneecap. For example,… Continue

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