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        I recall. Springtime 1946, probably a weekend or Easter vacation because it was mid-afternoon and I was alone in my room doing -- something. On the radio, a hellfire-and-damnation preacher bloviating about “stupid, evil heathens”. In those days programming was eclectic. News, popular music, comedy, talk, opera, baseball, preaching -- including diatribes like the one I was hearing, but not listening…


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Is it worth our time trying to reason with the emotionally minded people that are religious?

By Philip Sober


I'm an atheist and have been out spoken about it and heard all the nonsense regarding that fact by the religious, such as, I'm a fundie atheist or atheism is my religion, etc... but lately I've questioned my own tactics. What i mean by that is this, as an atheist, I'm also fairly scientific minded, for an uneducated layman that is.


I've come to the rational belief, in the philosophy of…


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A Word on Comfort

We all like to be comfortable, don't we? We enjoy the luxuries of everyday life, whether it's the expensive company car or the gourmet food in your pantry. Everyone likes to be comfortable.

Yet, as it is, you can't always have the best of everything, and that stands true for most aspects of life. Sometimes, you have to ride the bus because that company car broke down, and sometimes, you have to buy generic. That's just the way it is.

Now, what do most people do when things aren't… Continue

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My encounter with a cult

A few years back I had this friend, a very intelligent guy, very critical, who I knew at the time for a few months.

One day he turns to me and says "look, I think it's time I told about this organization I'm part of- it's called THE CENTER OF LIGHT and it's changed my life."

That for me was the beginning of the strangest period of my life to date.

This CENTER OF LIGHT, he said, was a spiritual guidance center… Continue

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First post; glad to be here.

I am so glad I found this community; so glad I have joined.

Already I am seeing other like minded people on this website that think just like me; yep we atheists actually use our brain for thinking unlike non-atheists who just go along with what the church tells them.

I am so sick of religious bullshit going on in the world; we need to not ban religion but take religion out of governments, schools and other places where they can be harmful to the human… Continue

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