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According to the latest ITV documentary which is made in UK to discuss the very basic problem of ExMuslim Atheists Atheism is increasing in muslim world 

As i discussed before in my blog in Pakistan all Freethinkers…


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The Blasphemy Tour

New Book Announcement (full disclosure here - I had a hand in publishing this)

The Blasphemy Tour, by Jass Richards

Two Canadian atheists go on a cross-country speaking tour of American Bible Colleges... Irreverent. Definitely irreverent.

The Blasphemy Tour — where philosophy essay meets stand-up comedy.

(In The Road Trip Dialogues, the prequel, Rev and Dylan are charged with blasphemy for adding “‘Blessed are they that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the…


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Blasphemy is a right (says the UN)

What a lucky day. By chance i found something that obviously escaped my notice before and which i haven't found much reported in the media either.

Already last month the UN issued a statement concerning the freedom of speech in relation with the human rights convention.


Here is the good part (emphasis mine):



48.  Prohibitions of displays of lack of respect for a…


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This is a great video in response to Ireland's Blasphemy Law that was passed in 2009.  Check out Shane's Page when you get a chance, he's got some really great stuff on there.


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Smite Check!

First thing first: How are we doing on the smitings?


I had given ample opportunity for smitage: I flew from Portland ME to Columbus OH in January, then drove back across New York (during a Lake Effect snowstorm I'll add!) and didn't even have anything that can remotely be construed as a smiting.  Not a…


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In Which We Up The Ante (Sign up for your Smiting!)

All right.  As you can see, I still have not been at the business end of a smiting.


I've discussed with some fellow non-believers about the possibility that there's a bit of a game of prayer-hockey going…


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Another blow to secularism in Pakistan...,0,1144076.story

Pakistani governor Salman Taseer was assassinated for his view against blasphemy laws.

What direction do you think Pakistan is headed in?

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In Which I Call Out God


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Introducing The True Meaning of Christmas: Sparkly Jesus

Well everyone, it seems as though we did get it all wrong. While shopping I came across this gem of the holiday season and, clearly, the true meaning of christmas: sparkly jesus.

Honestly, this is some peoples idea of worship and praising their…


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Ezekiel The False Prophet

It's not too hard to find a contradiction or a false prophecy in the bible… Continue

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Why Christianty makes sense and other reglions don’t.

Even a superficial perusal of other religions should convince any right thinking person that Christianty is the only true relgion:

1. Muslims believe whatever the Koran says is absolutely…


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On Ireland's Blasphemy Law

I (as we all do) have opinions on everything in life, from political issues to my favourite football team. I welcome criticism because it challenges what I think and either strengthens my viewpoint or (in rare cases) changes my opinion. My perspective is important to others when it comes time to vote because the outcome of elections impact on people’s lives, but other than that my opinions can have no negative effect on other people whatsoever.

I refer to the following taken from… Continue

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International Blasphemy Day: Sept. 30

Don't forget that tomorrow, Sept. 30, is International Blasphemy Day. There's a Facebook page, and PZ Myers put it on his blog.

What to wear...what to wear...

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