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Ah, crap, there she goes...

Staying with my religious right-wing aunt has been a wonderful exercise in self-control and bottling up emotions, let me tell you. But my education is worth it.


However, since she is also a nurse, she is technically also a biologist, as she works in the lab, and while I would usually trust her with scientific information, sometimes it has the feel of a lecture regarding how God fits into the picture.


She's given me a book now, called "The Language of God" by…


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Irony is lost in Ignorance

This last weekend my wife and I spent 5 days in Arizona staying in Scottsdale for the most part. We traveled p to Sedona just for fun because we had heard how beautiful it was. It's a tourist trap and the day was not unlike any other long weekend when you have long lines getting into town and crowds everywhere. The natural beauty is pretty hard to rival. I've done more travelling at 35 than most Americans do in a lifetime. I travel for both work… Continue

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To Be Christian, You Must Accept Young Earth

I’d love to hear what I’m missing in this picture. I feel like Bill Maher in Religulous, “I’m wrong about everything.” The Bible spends much of the Old Testament talking about lineages with “And Noah Begat, Shem who begat Arphaxad, who begat Cainan”, blah blah blah. We are expected to read this and understand it in its entirety. The lineage from Adam to Daniel to Jesus, the Messiah, is critical to the fulfillment of prophesy. Without it Jesus… Continue

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