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"I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made." -Yahweh(?)/Moses(?)

I don't know about you, but that sure sounds like a guy I'd want to worship!


No. My thoughts are more similar to this point of view:


Really, it's more like a dad who drowned all of his children except for one kid and was like, "Don't worry. I won't murder you or any of the kids I have from here on out! Well, at least not by drowning all of them in a massive flood... You know I mean it too because I made you a pretty painting."

The truly…


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A Real Life Noah's Ark!

I caught a news piece on the new Noah's Ark that was been built in the Netherlands. It's referred to as Johan's Ark. Apparently he had a dream about it one night and the next day he decided to move forward and spend 1.6 million on building it. From a business standpoint, I'll bet that he'll see his money back. If he drug it across the Atlantic to say Georgia, he might see it back…


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Will the Real Noah, Please Stand Up

We all know that there there were many gods prior to Jesus that did everything else that he did. Appllonious of Tyana, Mithras, Horus... you know the deal. There are around 20 savior gods that share many of his traits. Born of a virgin, God in the flesh or powers of the gods…


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My reading of Noah's Ark.

Genesis 6-9

The Tale of Noah’s Ark

By Scarlette Blues



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I can think of no better example straight from the Bible to prove that the Bible is based on myth, not fact, than Noah’s Ark.

Okay, I would like to give the story of Noah’s Ark at least a little bit of broadcast time, just to be fair. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on what your views are) I can’t think of much to support the Ark theory, and neither can Google in my opinion, so I’m going to post the story of the Ark directly from Genesis and we’ll see where we can go from there.… Continue

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Can Unicorns Breathe Underwater?

The answer is, of course, "Unicorns don't exist." I would like to pose a similar question that requires just as much consideration as the one in the title of this post: "Why did God flood the earth, choosing only Noah's family and two of every animal to survive?" The question is irrelevant because there was no godly flood. There was no Noah, no heathens to be drowned because of their sin, no unicorns to be left behind as the Ark floated away to safety.…


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How one Bible story (NOAHS ARK) proves the Bible is full of crap.. and why the heck is it so popular among kids?

While often thought of as a "Children's Story", this is far from it. Loaded with contradictions to what we have been told about God, this story raises some interesting questions.

Warning – this view might disturb some readers, but please read the full article to understand to context of the points being made before jumping to conclusion.

The well known story of Noah's Ark is often listed as a favorite, and often considered as… Continue

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