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Christianity in the furture.

The other day I was reading Michal Moore's book, Stupid white men. In one chapter he said the women ratio is out numbering the men, and then going on on about how men deserve to be whipped out and all. But then I was thinking about the women ratio in the future and what it'll do to Christianity with in the next 40 years or so. I'm thinking that it'll come to three conclusions:

1. It'll raise the lesbians to a large majority in the world.

2. Or that Christianity will have to…


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The Myth of the Risen Christ - The Problem of the Historical Jesus & The Origins of Christian Tradition

Last night I posted a video of an interview with Dr. Matt McCormick that argues against the reliability for the evidence of Jesus’ resurrection by comparing it to the Salem Witch Trials. The argument is amusing and reasonably makes sense, although in an interview he had on Think Atheist Radio, May, 8th, he admitted he didn’t think anyone would really bite on the bullet, so to speak. It turns out that there exist those who have.


One of the people commenting on the…


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What other church offers that? My last indocrination before sanity...

Shopping Around

To me, it seems my mother has been shopping around for religion all her life. At 40, she went into the Mormon faith, and quickly forced it upon me and my husband as well. We didn't believe in much of anything; just trying to appease her, we agreed to invite a couple of missionaries over for coffee or something and listen to their prepared…

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More about Mormons– the saga continues

From Not My God

Good news, everyone! I just read about this and I’m so excited I nearly spat out my spicy tuna roll:

South Park Creators’ Mormon Musical Set for Off-Broadway

Free tickets might inspire me to shower the musical with lots of PR on this… Continue

Added by Sarah Trachtenberg on February 4, 2010 at 3:13pm — 9 Comments

In Need of Mormon Education

Mormonism is a little Mystical. Like most religions there are so many lies and half truths, I don't know what to believe. I think that we should talk about it. We have former Mormon's here, so why not ask the questions and you guys can help us understand what you were taught. I'm going to post a series of questions. I encourage others to ask more. For the Ex-Mormons or those whom just know, answer the question only if you know please. Most of my questions come from a cartoon from YouTube, or… Continue

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