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The Many Paths to Atheism

I'm active on a few sites and there seems to be a few truths. One is that many atheists were at one time religionists. The ones that were once religionists seem to think that they have a monopoly on escaping religion. Their path out is the only way to escape religion. It's not unlike AA members. You must follow these 12 steps and keeping coming back because it works. Much like AA isn't THE way (or statistically, a way) there are many paths out of religion.

I make arguments against…


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A beautiful summation of Atheism

First off, very little of this will be in my own words, but in the words of Sam Harris. This is basically a transcript of the opening speech that Sam gave in a debate about religion. I know that if I tried I could not put it more beautifully, simply or more elegantly than he did. If I was tempted to call anything the poetry of rational arguments, this would be it.

Please don’t view this as an attack on what you believe – it’s not meant to be mean spirited. Picture as you read this,…


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Using The Christian Bible against Christian Theists.

If Christianity is correct, why did the God of the bible have so many contradictions to the teachings of his son, but yet you can say that Judaism is incorrect, which is a little ridiculous considering they follow the bible more closely?

You might say that they interpret it differently then you do, but how can you explain the stories in the bible describing how the Jews where God's chosen people, before the coming of Jesus!?

...more to come.

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Criticisms of the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

The Cosmological Argument is an argument for the existence of god using the Cosmos as evidence. I don’t think these arguments are very convincing but they are one of the strongest arguments for the existence of god due to our lack of understanding about the origins of the Universe, especially when compared to our knowledge of evolution when discussing the Argument from Design.

Humans are answer seeking animals and we often find it more satisfying to have an answer than to not have… Continue

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A Wedge Document of Our Own

Adriana put up an excellent vid on Intelligent Design. It's not getting attention likely to the title because it's so absurd. The absurdity lends to the great speech that goes on within. I used this vid this morning as bait on Facebook and tested the waters of a new direction in the ID debate. Call it the religion that it is, and use that to wedge out Christians.

Many of us have heard of the… Continue

Added by Gaytor on January 26, 2010 at 12:30am — 1 Comment

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