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women & equal rights of Islam

Few days back I talked with some educated muslim women I observed , in Muslim societies women are much interested in leaving religion than men because in muslim societies women are exploited in the name of Islam.

They are not given equal rights.

Their freedom of expression is restricted by religious laws.

They are made the slave of their husbands.

If their husbands are free thinkers & they are staying in a muslim country they have to face the hardship of…


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Pray The Guilt Away

  During a recent session of drunken introspection, I realised that although I considered myself happy in life and love, I was not doing nearly enough grovelling and pleading to imaginary beings. This thought was not a new one, it had been suggested to me on multiple occasions by Father FuckFace (I've concealed his real name out of privacy and respect) who proclaimed with great…

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white-winged-fish There is a tiny constellation near the southern pole of the sky named Volans, the Flying Fish. Unfortunately there is no cute little story here about a fish getting its wish to have wings or such. The only story we have is that this part…

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Phil Robertson "proves" Jesus

Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame offers proof for the existence of Jesus to Conservatives at a summit hosted by a Christian University. Read more in this article from the Huffington Post.

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Fox and Goose The Fox and the Goose is a small constellation in the night skies of summer. It sounds like a fairy tale but one of the gruesome sort where the fox murders some poor goose. Of course a fox has to eat too, and probably has to feed a whole den-full of cute little baby foxes. But…

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Haram & Halal

If a hindu drinks cow urine is haram.

If a muslim drinks camel urine is called an order from Prophet.

If a hindu kisses idols is called Idol worship which is a sin.

If a muslim kisses the black stone madely is called the holly kiss.

If a hindu performs seven rounds around the idol .. Haram Haram.

If a muslim performs seven rounds around The house of Allah is called Abrahamic Sunnah

If a hindu slaughters animal before idols ... Totally Haram

If a muslin… Continue

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DAESH? Mo's Swords for Satan?

I don't normally encourage ridicule, but I fondly recall Stephen Colbert's address to the White House correspondents event, poking his humor stick at our purported patriotic hero GW Bush. It felt (to me, at least) like our first, credible crack in the the divine cocoon of our "never forget, we can now kill anyone we want to" political pervert-in-chief.

I wish our media could do this for ISIS. That crack in armor of credibility, that overt disrespect for evil acts of men, gave way…


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Coffee, without the irony.

Is it irony to say that it is ironic how often the word irony is misused?

I help out manning information tables for Atheist Ireland when I can. They are starting to become a regular monthly feature in our bigger cities. The one in Dublin has been operational for three years without a break. While there is competition for prime locations, we have managed to keep our own regular spot on the capital’s main thoroughfare.

Recently a Palestine solidarity group set up a table to our…


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On 28 June 2016 in my province in Pakistan. 3 people were given the death warrants. One of them said some words about Muhammad & other two recorded that stuff in mobile + blackmailed the 3rd one & demanded some money. 3rd one told all that stuff to the police after that case was made according to the 295 (Blasphemy Black Law)

Lower court issued the death plenty plus 35 years of Rigorous imprisonment for two of them. As far as i know if the supreme court or president forgives…


Added by Noon Alif on June 29, 2016 at 2:00pm — 9 Comments

Pride Parade & Muslims

Few days back here was the Pride Parade in Dublin. I was very happy to know that here in west people are having respect for Lesbians & Gays it is the beauty of the west society.

I was just wondering that if somebody starts such Pride Parade in Pakistan or in any Arab country would be killed & person who would commit this crime proudly be considered as a hero. As far as i know in Islamc "big book" there is not a single word about Lesbians & Gays. Though we listen from all…


Added by Noon Alif on June 27, 2016 at 4:30am — 3 Comments

George Carlin said " Religion is Bullshit"

George was definitely right religion is the basis of cruel crimes like hating and killing gays, religion doesn't always accept scientific facts such as the theory of Evolution, only because it disproves the religious story of Adam & Eve, not to mention a lot of endless other bullshit religion is based upon.

Added by Simo Benn on June 27, 2016 at 4:04am — 8 Comments

A Fitting Child-of-the-80s Birthday

I'm of the Lucky Ones - those born at the cusp of the digital age where we were children of the 80s who played outside and performed other "analog" activities, but who also grew up with the internet, vintage gaming, coding, and the birth of mobile tech.

I decided to celebrate my 35th like a proper 80s child - by building a blanket fort and playing board games inside with my fiance. She also gifted me my favorite Fisher Price Little People from the Sesame Street playset - Grover and…


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Annual Summer Visit!

Greetings old friends!  I've returned to TA for my birthday as I do every summer around this time to scope out the scene and give the forum another go.  It's been one hell of a year so let me bring you up to speed!

First off, I am now, against all logic and reason, a certified and bonified homeowner. Somehow I convinced a banking institution that it was a good idea to sell me - an anti-authoritarian, anti-consumerist, anti-capitalist, kopimist, copyleftist, anti-theist,…


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Muslims are not the problem, not the only one at least

I just love it when people talk about "Obama's pro-Muslim" agenda and forget that it was under his administration that Osama bin laden (a Muslim) was captured... and killed.
And how about Moammar Gaddafi (another Muslim)? Jointly with a EU and Arab coalition, a +40 years’…

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A barbarian killing of a sufi musician

Sufi music is the soft face of Pakistan & India. As we know religious organisation which are funded by Saudi Arabia & they are also the biggest supporters of Taliban & Daesh. They are against any music there are lot of Hadith by Prophet about music.

Luqman 31:6 And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Qur'an) by way of mockery. For such… Continue

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Women rights in Islam

From my knowledge to write the word "rights" about Islam is the insult of this word. Islamic history proves that Islam doesn't allow any woman to work . They are considered a machine who obeys her husband cooks food at home take cares of her husband & children. She can't drive . She can't work in a office with other males. Mostly by muslim scholars we are given the example that the prophet first wife (Khadijah) was a trader & prophet worked for her before marriage but after that…


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Islam is not for non Arabs

Today I am discussing an issue about the Koran. As you guys know the Koran is a book which is written by Muhammad & Muslims consider it God's book. Koran discusses the issues of Muhammad's era and this book is in Arabic. Muhammad native language was Arabic.

For example, I am an Urdu reader if i get all the commands on English I can't get the right understandings about Shakespeare because that is not my native language. If I translate his any poem in Urdu that will lose all its…


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How I feel deep inside

Laying in bed staring into a black abyss of darkness. I think to myself what's the point? We're born, we live, we die. Why? What's the point? Is there a god? If there was why would he do this and why would god be male if gender supposedly doesn't matter?

What's the point? We laugh, we smile, we do things we love.. but…


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Do read this book

Today i am studying a book (Understanding Muhammad) which is written by Ali Sina . Ali Sina  is an Iranian Canadian activist and strong critic of Islam who describes himself as an ex-Muslim. Founder of Faith Freedom International, which he describes as a grassroots movement of ex-Muslims.

In his…


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Fasting in Ramadan despite being an atheist

Being an atheist in the Middle East isn't the easiest thing to do and in order to survive, I have to follow the rules even if they are against my way of thinking. So, Ramadan started 2 days ago Here in Egypt and I obviously fast to prevent any disasters. For those who don't know about Ramadan, it's an Islamic month where the Muslims shouldn't eat or drink anything from the moment the sun starting to rise to the moment of the sun starts to go. Muslims claim that fasting is a "purifier of souls"… Continue

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