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Pyxis - the compass box

130277 Pyxis is a constellation in the southern sky that honors the mariner's compass. Short of the Internet itself, few things have shrunk our world like a free-floating magnetized needle.

The constellation is basically just three stars in a line…

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Religious sects are the very basic problem of a religious society as we know in Pakistan sectarian violence is at its peak. Every 2nd day people are being killed and kidnapped on sectarian grounds.

A religious state SaudiArabia which is unable to give equal right to other sects of Islam & same with Iran whether its Shia or Sunni, Islamic ideology spread barbarism & terrorism.
all the Islamic sects & religious organisations stand on the ground of…

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Squeaky Bum Time

The term comes from the world of English soccer and refers to the final stages of a competition when it is still all to play for and the tension prevents anyone from relaxing in their seats.

I have followed the U.S. election…


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Reticulum - the net

eyepiece2 The stars in the constellation Reticulum represent the tiny network of lines in a certain type of telescope eyepiece. They are usually etched into a lens element and are akin to the cross-hairs in a rifle scope. In this case they are not only used for aiming, but also for…

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Memes have becomes memes.

When i first read Darrel Ray's God Virus I was confused as to whether he was positing a real phenomenon or was drawing an analogy. And when i hear or read others expand on or elaborate about some meme or other i am similarly unsure as to what is meant.

So for anybody who is a proponent of memes are you making a metaphor or do you mean that there is some observable and measurable phenomenon. Is there a change at the molecular level once a person has…


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Subhan Allah

A boy returned from school &  his mother asked what you were taught in school today ?

He replied : today my teacher told me the story of Moses that how he saved himself & his army

Mother : What did she tell you ?

Boy : teacher told me when Firon's army followed the Moses & his people & there was river Neil on he way Moses placed mobile bridge

when the Moses army…


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Sagitta - the arrow

sge_03 Sagitta is a tiny constellation whose dots actually connect to make an arrow, complete with fletching feathers. It's one of the older names for a group of stars but then the bow and arrow as a weapon goes way back, probably invented more than 60,000 years ago. So the constellation…

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A Brutal Attack in Pakistan

Last night terrorists attacked a police school in Quetta Pakistan.More than 60 people were killed &120 got injured in this brutal attack. According to the BBC terrorist organization ISIS accepted the responsibility of this attack. In Pakistan all jihadi religious organizations which are funded by state & Saudi-Arabia & leader of these organisations never condemned such brutality. 

As we know Pakistani establishment was given millions of dollars to eliminate…

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Sagittarius - the archer

sgr_03 The constellation known as Sagittarius is a centaur. Do not confuse it with Centaurus. We have two centaurs in the sky and this one wants to be associated with the fine sport of archery. So ignore the legs and focus on the bow.

The name…

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According to the latest ITV documentary which is made in UK to discuss the very basic problem of ExMuslim Atheists Atheism is increasing in muslim world 

As i discussed before in my blog in Pakistan all Freethinkers…


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I have the over/under at 27.

Tell me where we can go with this now?

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Scorpius - the scorpion

scorpie The summer sky is dominated by a constellation named Scorpius, the scorpion. It has lots of bright stars in a long swooping curved shape like a fish hook. The brightest star in the line-up is a huge red one smack dab in the heart of the beast, named Antares. The scorpion is…

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Peace Lovers

This post contains sensitive images 

Muslim historian says Hussain was killed in the battle of Karbala. First historian Abu Mukhanif was born after the incident of Karbala. Second main historian of this incident is Ibn Jarir al-Tibri. He wrote islamic history 280 or 290 years after the Karbala. Before that it was just a verbal story.

Hussein & his few followers didn’t accepted the Caliphate of Umayyad they said it’s like a kingship & Umayyad caliph is not a pious man…


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Political Religion

Now a days muslims especially Shia muslims are celebrating the memory of Karbala. To memorise Karbala has become the way to justify the political islam. In modern world it is really condemnable.

Today we are living in a democratic world where every person wants to be judged equally under state secular laws. Imagine if Hussain had a chance to rule the state. Had he not been looting the other small states to make his state stronger & richer ? Was he going to reject slavery especially…


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Sculptor - the sculptor's studio

workshop The southern constellation Sculptor represents a sculptor's studio/workshop. It is one of fifteen designated to honor random 18th century crap by Abbé Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. When Lacaille got married and his bride said her vows, she…

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Babbling For Jesus

  I don't have the ability to speak in tongues but if I were to write this blog using the "language" of tongues, it would probably look something like this; Bals ahdt ysifghte k thorus moo cow, blah blah sortor yamaka shama-lama ding dong, potypoo oreo hastaruirs doizlk lamaka broslotel uftlo al yrhetsfd shave and a hair cut, two bits.
  I happen to be one of those…

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Scutum - the shield

shieldboy There is a small rectangular region in the summer sky known as Scutum, the shield. It represents a typical shield ranging from the Roman legionnaire sort to one that ye olde knight of chivalry might carry along with so much armor he…

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Malyasian Flight 17 (MH17) investigation

After reading this report, I'm betting that the shoot down of passenger flight MH17 was accidental, even though nowhere in the report "accident" is mentioned. Yes, it was a military launch of a Russian SA-11 ground to air missile, but no, I'll bet they thought they were shooting down a Ukrainian military aircraft.

Idiots! Even I know how to predict when a passenger flight should…


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A Blind God

What was God doing before creating the earth ?

 An atheist asks what this God has given to us since creating this world ? Even he is not able to make his own house with his hand all efforts to make this world beautiful are done by man.

God & his all prophets were extortionists. Even still all religious people are demanding donations to make his home more beautiful.

People are dying on earth with hunger & he is giving us the dreams of milk & honey in…


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A Bigot Ambassador & Blasphemers

Last night I was watching a program in which the Saudi Ambassador revealed that Atheists are terrorists because Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam and anyone who goes against islam is terrorist.

Yes whatever he said is "true" .

The country which generates the jihadi mind set in their schools is  very peace loving. The country who attacks his neighbours with airforce is very close to islam because islam is the religion of peace.

Nahed Hattar a famous writer…


Added by Noon Alif on September 26, 2016 at 6:00am — 6 Comments

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