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No big bang

A possible new model (not actually new) reframes the universe game both in terms of age and size and singularities and gravity and passionate explosions. A possible game changer if the theory can expand and withstand scrutiny and testing (and predictive force). It is still in its infancy but if true it would mean that the only big bangs in the universe occur by animals on the…


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Scalia Was Conservative and Outspoken but Was Almost Never The Most Conservative Justice On The Supreme Court

Turns out he wasn't the most conservative after all. Having said that...he was still super conservative (for the developed world by 21st century standards.

According to an article on Nate Silverman's website (I was lucky to see the great statistician speak at Leuven's prestigious…


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Happiness:Reality or illusion

This topic would not be about any religion or beliefs. It is something I always wanted to discuss and this topic is happiness. I always asked a question to myself in all this life,does happiness exist? in most of the cases I see people posting pictures and comments on social media on how happy they are.....but in reality, they are not really happy....

It is sad when I discover such thing because I always hoped to be happy like those guys or girls I see on social media but in the end…


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Thank you Reg the Fronkey Farmer!!!

It has been over 3 years since I first joined Think Atheist. Back then I was a submissive Christian wife hanging on for dear life.

Reg the Fronkey Farmer cared enough to take time out of his day and be my friend. I started to learn (slowly) that my faith in God was keeping me chained in a self-perpetuating prison. I did not feel free to think for myself apart from what I was trained to think that God would want me to do.

Letting go of my faith is what enabled me to… Continue

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Seperation of church and state to have and to want.


One of the primary, long-terms aims of the National Secular Society is the disestablishment of the Church of England. This means separating Church and State, ending the privileged position of the Church of England with the Queen as both Head of the Church and Head of State. The result of this would be that the Church would no longer have privileged input into government but also that government could not…


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1400 years of human right violation

So in the last blog I discussed how things go in the middle east from my point of view. Every problem occurring in the middle east is due to one main problem and this problem is violation to human rights. So basically nature is designed in a specific way and Islam is designed in a way completely opposite to nature. In the beginning of Islam, the worst way was used to spread the religion and that way was making an entire army to enter countries to spread the religion on the people by force.…


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Gravitational waves

This rather suggestive image to the right (rather like some of these paintings of flowers which remind the viewer of something) is…


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My life in the middle east

Hello everyone, I am a 19 year old guy living in the middle east. I was born there and raised by my middle eastern Muslim family. I was a typical middle eastern child at first, I used to believe in god because my parents told me to. But I really asked so many questions when I was young. Questions like "Where is God,why is he hiding?", "Why did God make the demon evil if he does not want evil?" or "Why did he create hell if he is kind and wants peace and love?". They actually gave me the same…


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Ray Comfort, By Phone 

 I enjoyed my recent conversation with wingnut Kirk Cameron so much I decided to see if I could get his business partner and fellow loon, Ray Comfort, to grant me an interview. Mr. Comfort immediately responded to my email and graciously agreed to speak with me briefly by phone the next time he sat down to use the toilet. The next afternoon I received his call and recorded this 5-7…


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Government praises “spiritual insight” of bishops in response to petition calling for their removal from the Lords

Government praises “spiritual insight” of bishops in response to petition calling for their removal from the Lords

Government praises “spiritual insight” of bishops in response to petition calling for their removal from the Lords

The Government has said that changes to the Lords are "important" but that the position of the bishops in the Upper House is not a "priority", in response to a petition calling for the removal of 26 bishops from the House of Lords.



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A strong pull...

Ever since I found my biological family and learned of my story, along with a combination of many other factors in my life, and things going on, I have felt a strong pull back towards the realm of some sort of higher presence. I do not like how it has been playing out in my life.

For example: I went to church with a friend last week with the intention of just getting out and being social and letting my son play with his little friend.

What ended up happening is that I… Continue

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My Interview With Kirk Cameron

 Not too long ago I was lucky enough to bump into part time actor and full time Jesus freak, Kirk Cameron, at the Denver International Airport. Mr. Cameron was on his way home to southern California after a brief speaking engagement at a local 7-11. Knowing I would probably never meet Mr. Cameron again I asked if he would grant me a short interview as he waited to board his…


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Being The Only Atheist In The Family

I am the only atheist in my family....and considered to have mental issues because of it. I may possibly burn in hell. I am okay while writing this,but it is a very hard and very tough spot to be in. Having friends and family members to fear you, because of different beliefs. I have tried to commit suicide over it. I said that to say this .....IF

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Politics, religion and atheism

 Hello Friends,

Been awhile since I have had time to spend on this site. I have missed it. Just finished writing my second book, entitled :  " Stop the Hate, Start the Healing"  ( My Journey from Religion) . Yes, it is a biography and hope to find a publisher soon, which is not an easy task, as it seems you have to be famous or…


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Whistleblower In Dire Straits

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Whistle Blower in dire straits.

Dan Abshear was building a new life Dan in Milwaukee

but recently it all fell apart when his girl friend of nearly three years left him.

He turned himself in for an old probation violation in St. Louis just to get out of the cold.

Is there anyone who can offer him work when he gets out of jail in three month?

Dan writes:

Presently, I'm back in jail again in St.…


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Inmates Write

Write--- (from Dan Abshear) ;


A few men here in jail with me look much older than what their actual age.  And this is fascinating to me.

This possibly may be due to  their in home doses of severe drugs.  Their accelerated age may also be due to various life tragedies they have experienced.  These prematurely aged men are very pleasant people to speak…


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Whistleblower Falls On Hard Times

Not every whistle blower
gets the support he deserves.
"You do in fact lose a lot when you are very poor and often broke- people in…

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My journey through another step of healing...with....woo

My best friend and I were victimized by her stepdad at 13/14 years old. We did not fully understand what happened to us until about 2 or 3 years ago....

She has been seeing a theta healer, and I have stuck with traditional therapy, but we are both ready to take a giant step. She is paying for me to have a session by myself, and then we are going to have a joint session focus what we went through together...

I know it is woo. But even if it ends up "working"… Continue

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glimpse the ethical dilemna of the Glimps

When the author looks in the mirror he is almost Unseen.

So it turns out humans are not the most advanced life forms in the cosmos. Neither are the Glimps. Glimps, however, have as large a gulf between themselves and ourselves as we do between ourselves and cats.

Similar to a bad sci-fi the Glimps have conquered us and made us their playthings. Pets. So Glimper is on vacay and Glimpo is left in charge. Kim Kardashian is the pet. A priceless bauble is the prized…


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Block Donald J Trump from UK entry

I kinda doubt the UK would risk doing this to a potential US president, but just putting this message on record could still be a hoot! (Too bad only UK citizens can sign.)

Added by Pope Beanie on December 9, 2015 at 2:00pm — 15 Comments

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