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This post contains sensitive images 

Muslim historian says Hussain was killed in the battle of Karbala. First historian Abu Mukhanif was born after the incident of Karbala. Second main historian of this incident is Ibn Jarir al-Tibri. He wrote islamic history 280 or 290 years after the Karbala. Before that it was just a verbal story.

Hussein & his few followers didn’t accepted the Caliphate of Umayyad they said it’s like a kingship & Umayyad caliph is not a pious man…


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Political Religion

Now a days muslims especially Shia muslims are celebrating the memory of Karbala. To memorise Karbala has become the way to justify the political islam. In modern world it is really condemnable.

Today we are living in a democratic world where every person wants to be judged equally under state secular laws. Imagine if Hussain had a chance to rule the state. Had he not been looting the other small states to make his state stronger & richer ? Was he going to reject slavery especially…


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Sculptor - the sculptor's studio

workshop The southern constellation Sculptor represents a sculptor's studio/workshop. It is one of fifteen designated to honor random 18th century crap by Abbé Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. When Lacaille got married and his bride said her vows, she…

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Babbling For Jesus

  I don't have the ability to speak in tongues but if I were to write this blog using the "language" of tongues, it would probably look something like this; Bals ahdt ysifghte k thorus moo cow, blah blah sortor yamaka shama-lama ding dong, potypoo oreo hastaruirs doizlk lamaka broslotel uftlo al yrhetsfd shave and a hair cut, two bits.
  I happen to be one of those…

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Scutum - the shield

shieldboy There is a small rectangular region in the summer sky known as Scutum, the shield. It represents a typical shield ranging from the Roman legionnaire sort to one that ye olde knight of chivalry might carry along with so much armor he…

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Malyasian Flight 17 (MH17) investigation

After reading this report, I'm betting that the shoot down of passenger flight MH17 was accidental, even though nowhere in the report "accident" is mentioned. Yes, it was a military launch of a Russian SA-11 ground to air missile, but no, I'll bet they thought they were shooting down a Ukrainian military aircraft.

Idiots! Even I know how to predict when a passenger flight should…


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A Blind God

What was God doing before creating the earth ?

 An atheist asks what this God has given to us since creating this world ? Even he is not able to make his own house with his hand all efforts to make this world beautiful are done by man.

God & his all prophets were extortionists. Even still all religious people are demanding donations to make his home more beautiful.

People are dying on earth with hunger & he is giving us the dreams of milk & honey in…


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A Bigot Ambassador & Blasphemers

Last night I was watching a program in which the Saudi Ambassador revealed that Atheists are terrorists because Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam and anyone who goes against islam is terrorist.

Yes whatever he said is "true" .

The country which generates the jihadi mind set in their schools is  very peace loving. The country who attacks his neighbours with airforce is very close to islam because islam is the religion of peace.

Nahed Hattar a famous writer…


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Serpens - the serpent

tinysnake_01 There is a rather unique constellation in the summer sky called Serpens, the serpent. What makes it special is that it is the only constellation that is divided into two parts. That is, the region of sky assigned to it is not…

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Blasphemistan (2)

Okara is among the big cities in Punjab Pakistan. It is one hour away from the city where I am from..

There is a young guy of 15 year old. One day he was in the mosque & Imam was preaching there. Imam said the one who doesn't offer prayer & doesn't follow the preachings of Prophet he is not with us. If there is somebody who is not with us he should raise his hand.

The young guy raised his hand. When he did this Imam said you committed a blasphemy. There were 100…


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Sextans - the sextant

coord_altaz There is a small constellation smack dab on the celestial equator called Sextans. Don't worry, it's safe for work, although the sex part might get it snagged by parental filters, I wouldn't know. It's part of a group of constellations named in the 17th century in order to…

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9/11 & Threats

On 9-11-2001 I was in 2nd last year of my high school. Student who belonged to Muslim families they were forced to study the book of Islamic studies & we were compelled to praise the Arab wars of prophet era. There was no other option for the students who didn’t want to study religion at that time.

From 1998 to 2001 the people from jihadi organizations used to come in our school to collect funds for their Kashmir jihad. At the start of 2001 we were told by our Islamic…


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Just in case

Just in case I don't make it, I want you to know I gave it everything I had....

If I didn't say it enough, I love you more than you will ever understand

If I do not make it, I hope something I did has impacted you forever

I hope you will miss me because you cared, without mourning too deeply

Just in case, please remember me with positivity. Remember my motivation to succeed, even though I never did.

Remember that I would have died for…


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Taurus - the bull

babalooey The constellation Taurus is one of the oldest and most famous of the sky-critters. There are indications that folks associated these stars with a bull all the way back to the copper age, which is really just the bronze age before the upgrade. But great starlore doesn't…

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Telescopium - the telescope

Brad's Jeep and Meade Nick Lacaille named a constellation Telescopium in order to honor a specific telescope, the one at the Paris Observatory. But then the heavenly borders got all rearranged and they had to cut off the top of the scope as Nick had drawn it. So as a result they had to use…

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A Murderer Host

Hajj is the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. Its written by muslim historians that its used to be performed before islam. I am not gonna discuss here its blessing but I say Hajj gives shelter to those who commit crimes during the year.

For example, my next door neighbour murdered his wife because she was not following the Islamic sharia law. She was not hiding her face in street as her husband ordered her again & again. Then he got angry he killed his wife & then he was…


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A worshiper & Butchers

Now a days I am sharing my room with a Sri Lankan guy. He worships Bhagwan. This morning he was praying and I asked him what is he praying for?

He told me that he is praying for blessings for him & his family & he was felling very happy. I asked him does your Bhagwan reply? Because you are praying since your childhood does he ever gave you any gesture?

He said 'see man' this is a table & here is a bottle on it . Table is standing on four legs it can stay…


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Insightful article from Godless in Dixie

I think Neil Carter is right on point in this article. I know, every time in my past that I've come to grips with my disbelief, I wonder how I could ever have believed ridiculous things so easily? 

Why Do Intelligent People Believe Nonsense?

Added by A.T. Heist on September 1, 2016 at 9:00am — 4 Comments

Fun with Christians!

Last night, the staff of the church which I serve as Director of Music had a fundraising dinner that was a tremendous amount of FUN. And honestly, even though it was a church event, I don't think the fun we had was even remotely related to religion. We, the staff, served our guests dinner and participated in various games that were inspired by games featured on some late night TV shows, including a fairly epic Lip Sync Battle (a la Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show). I did "Dream On" by…


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Triangulum - the triangle

illuminiwhati The constellation Triangulum is one of the few examples where the connect-the-dots thing really does resemble the name. I mean, it makes a pretty damn good triangle without resorting to your imagination. Even the ancient Babylonians couldn't come up with a great name for…

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