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Is Oklahoma Investigating Richard Dawkins Free Speech?

Oh, yes they are. THIS is why we fight.,3656,n,n


Is Oklahoma Investigating Richard Dawkins Free Speech?

by Greg Lukianoff

In a case that harkens back to the old-timey censorship of yesteryear, it appears that the Oklahoma legislature is pulling out the stops to oppose the University of Oklahoma's decision to host the Oxford evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on its campus. Dawkins was invited to speak at… Continue

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why Hubbard Wrote and published science fiction after scientology.

Another Stumble upon Find.

I am going to explain this very slowly.

If you are a Scientologist I hope this posting wakes you up just a little to what has been done to you.

Hubbard was a paranoid Schizophrenic

He originally wrote Dianetics in 1950..

( Read the 1950 Scientific… Continue

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The Measure of an Atheist. (Related discussion in 'Ethics')

"Live and Let Live"

"The Golden Rule"

"Leave the World a Better Place"

Atheism and Morality

To say that a deity must be a moral compass is a fallen argument. Good does not become subjective without god, in fact the works of the Bible, Koran and multiple other religion's text make it clear that god's idea of 'good' is subjective when it comes to it versus evil. Murder, rape and slavery are easily rationalized, as is misogyny, bigotry and genocide.

Abraham… Continue

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Tell your Congressman to Audit the Federal Reserve.

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Support H.R. 1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve.

Click Here To Sign The Petition & Let Your Voices Be Heard.…


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The Atheist Prayer

The Atheist's Prayer

Our brains, which art in our heads,

treasured be thy name. Thy reasoning

come. Thy best you can do be done

on earth as it is. Give us this day new

insight to help us resolve conflicts and

ease pain. And lead us not

into supernatural explanations;

deliver us from denial of logic.

For thine is the kingdom of reason,

and even though thy powers are limited,

and you're not always…

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Great Comparison

Religion is like a very large dog. Comforting when it's yours, terrifying when it's not, and absolutely must be kept away from the children.

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I actually have too many blog sites scattered annonymously throughout the World Wide Web, and there's one I visit on a semi-regular basis to write about more private matters. Ya know, the "Dear Diary" moments. I had a mild epiphany when writing in it last night, so I thought I'd share and expound a little... and then tie it to something else.

Well, I'll admit. I've had this on-and-off type deal going on with this guy who, frankly, doesn't deserve even a little of my attention. I… Continue

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Christian Conservatism Offended by Penis

Conservative Christians are offended by lots of things: liberals, atheists, Harry Potter, Muslims, Jews, but they seem to be offended most by the human body, the penis in particular.

"Forget trying to maneuver your way through all the mixed reactions to Watchmen crowding the interweb today. There’s only one question you need to answer, apparently, in order to make up your mind whether or not to see the…


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It takes a lot to piss Sniz off...

...but today I came across something that unleashed a rage in me like none other.

Part of my morning routine is to pop by one of the popular news sites to see what is going on.

This morning I found this:

Take a few seconds to let that sink in. I know at first it was just "oh those crazy muslims..." but then, an image of… Continue

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What is your key to happiness?


It can seem like such an elusive concept.

It flits through your life like a drunken butterfly, that try as you might.... you just cannot capture.

Take a deep breath.... because you are about to receive the key to the kingdom of happiness. And once you have it, you'll realize you don't have to clench it tightly in your hand to keep it, or camper after the butterfly anymore.

Happiness will seek you out, land gently on your shoulder, and… Continue

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Why do Athiests hate evangelical Christians? - A Christian's perspective. (bit of a read - but worth it.)

One of the first big splashes this blog made was when this post (2002!) made it into the atheist blogosphere. I got about a hundred notes from atheists saying “Thanks.” I’ve always agreed with what I wrote here, and I’ve always felt it was important. I also know that many culture-warring Christians will say this is a surrender document and I should join in the hatred of those who sometimes hate us. Check with Jesus on that one.

Here’s “Why Do They Hate Us?” from this… Continue

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Sometimes I wonder.......(An amusing example of stupidity)

You know what? I like people, I really do. I strongly believe in humanity......But sometimes.......

People make my brain hurt.

Yesterday I was soundly asleep when I was jolted from the bed by violent pounding on my door. I jumped up and opened the door quickly, I was thinking that maybe some shit went down. You know those cop knocks? where the person uses their entire fist and arm to knock on the door and it shakes the whole house? It was one of those so I assumed it was… Continue

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What's Good for the Goose is Apparently Not Good for the Gander

More and more we see religious groups trying to push their agenda into laws, politics, and the government. Too many in the general religious populous think God has been kicked out of government, and they want him back in there. But what happens when the roles are reversed, and government proposes to push its policy into religion?

The church cries 'foul' and sputters quotes about 'the separation of church and state' and then holds a rally to gather support to stop the… Continue

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Elyzabeth Anderson's book is a tumor within the literary world, laughing jubilantly with a stick extended and ready to beat the reader lovingly in the head.

Below is the product description.


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My niece is awesome!

My oldest niece cracks me up. First off, my sister and brother-in-law have decided to let my nieces grow up religion free and let them make their own decision later on in life but they still celebrate Christmas and Easter (minus the religious aspects) Because of this, my niece has done some interesting things while growing up. A couple stories to help you understand.

When in first grade and at recess apparently a group of kids (including my niece) were having a in depth discussion… Continue

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Why I Am Not A Christian by Bertrand Russell

Why I Am Not A Christian

by Bertrand Russell

Introductory note: Russell delivered this lecture on March 6, 1927 to the National Secular Society, South London Branch, at Battersea Town Hall. Published in pamphlet form in that same year, the essay subsequently achieved new fame with Paul Edwards' edition of Russell's book, Why I Am Not a Christian and Other Essays ... (1957).

As your Chairman… Continue

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The evolution of the roach.

Earlier in my group today I got onto the discussion of "the matter of existance". I'm posting this blog to share my ideas with people who are not in my group but are intrested in the idea of probing this question, please feel free to endulge me with your ideas, i'm always intrested on seeing a different view of existance. Fell free to joing my group if this inspires you to question more.

Well, this problem is an unanswerable question of existance, but it is always fun to… Continue

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Russell's teapot

Russell's teapot, sometimes called the Celestial Teapot, was an analogy first coined by the philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872–1970), intended to refute the idea that the burden of proof lies upon the sceptic to disprove unfalsifiable claims of religions. In an article entitled "Is There a God?"[1] commissioned (but never published) by Illustrated magazine in 1952, Russell wrote:[2]

If I were to suggest that between the Earth and Mars there is a china teapot revolving about the sun… Continue

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Losing friends...

Some of my closest friends are religious...particularly Muslim.

I used to date a Muslim guy who is now my ex, but we are still best friends. It's not awkward at all, we really are good friends. He is a very 'devout' Muslim though. Actually, that's what he says, but I really don't think so since he has had sex before marriage, drinks alcohol socially, amongst other things.

But anyway, I don't think me apostatizing will affect him much, maybe he'll get a little annoyed and… Continue

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The Bible is Documented Proof: Jehovah is a Failure

Once I read this article posted by Dan Florien over at Unreasonable Faith, I couldn't resist re-posting here. An excerpt from "The Truth About the Holy Bible" by Robert Ingersoll.


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