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Seraphims and Cherubims

Or, "Saran Wrap Fans and Cherry Bumbs".

Yes, and I always get so confused as to 'seraphims' and 'cherubims'(try saying that one 3 times fast, wow, what a tongue twister).  'Seraphims' have, like, Saran Wrap for wings, right, and 'cherubims' are like super chubby li'l babies with curly white hair, I think--also, with the obligatory wings.  They live in the clouds, or stand on top of them or something, which begs the question,…


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School Asked My Child If I Molested Her

"I think the school staff were man-haters, and  resented me because, as a doting father, I upset their prejudices. They thought incest was the only possible explanation for a father's love." 


by Dan Abshear 


In January 2007, staff at my eight-year-old daughter's public school in Missouri interrogated her for an hour to determine if I had molested her.…


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Hitting Bottom: A Personal Story

"We were train wrecks for different reasons, so we were perfect for each other."

by Dan Abshear


About two years ago, my then wife of 20 years decided to falsely accuse me of violently abusing her.  A restraining order was issued against me by her as well, so I was evicted out of my own home.  Soon after that, I was arrested related to these false accusations and wrongfully…


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Lupus - the wolf

bigbadwolf The constellation Lupus is way down south. It was even recognized as the wolf by Claudius Ptolemy a couple of thousand years ago, which is notable because Ptolemy was mostly concerned with the stuff more to the north. On the other hand the stars in this area are near Centaurus…

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The road to Beersheba.

There are regular “God told me to do it” stories in the news.  For the purposes of this discussion I am creating a fictional one. It may seem too long to read but I think it is necessary as the points raised by it are important.

Richard is an Evangelical pastor who comes home from Sunday services to dinner with his wife and 12-year old son. They live an idyllic life in a small rural Christian…


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Lynx - the lynx

lynx The constellation Lynx is one of a few that is its own translation. It means "lynx" so no fancy steps are required to explain it. In the late 1600's Johannes Hevelius named it after the wild cat because those animals have eyesight good enough to see the stars here and humans don't…

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Ghosts and Stuff

This isn't really a call for advice--I kind of just need to vent--although of course any opinions and insights are welcome!

So, I recently just figured out that I am aromantic (this essentially means that I have no interest in being in a romantic relationship). I came out to my mom, and it went really well. We had a great, affirming conversation about it and I finally feel more like myself.

One of the things that came up in our conversation was how I wished that I could talk to my…


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Lyra - the lyre

orph_02 High in the summer sky you'll find Lyra, the lyre, which is a small harp-like musical instrument. On some old-timey maps it is depicted as a eagle, or sometimes a vulture, with a small lyre in its mouth. Clearly this one was designed by an astronomy club committee. …


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Mensa - the table

tableboat Mensa means "table." It is also the name of a southern constellation mapped out by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille.

Originally Lacaille meant for this area of the sky to be named "Table Mountain" after a place in Africa near Cape Town. People casually shortened the name…

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Blasphemers are Terrorists

Last year Saudi Arabia defined atheists as terrorists …


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How To Really Conquer Homelessness

A True Life Story by Dan Abshear - Before my life was wrecked about 3 years ago, I was involved in pharmaceutical sales with very large corporations. I did this for about a decade. Before that career, I did patient care for about a dozen years. Lately, I've been writing about subjects that I have personal experience with, and these include homelessness and false…

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Living Life At Rock Bottom- A Homeless Veterans Story

As of today, I've been homeless for a bit over two and a half years.

Right after becoming homeless, I tried to stay with friends. But that never seemed to be a comfortable situation for me. Such friends did not understand how I became homeless, so my relationship with such friends was often fractured, I'm sad to say. Such friends also included former lovers. No situation staying with such friends ever worked. My stay with such friends was often brief and unpleasant for me.

So I…


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21 century & Vultures

In our society Muhammad's tribal life is presented in an exaggerated way. In Hadith…


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How To Be Homeless

"With food stamps, in most states you can acquire a free cell phone.  I did this in Atlanta.  It's 250 free minutes a month, for a year or longer.  As a homeless person, it's likely you will not have many friends calling you on your free cell phone.  But such a phone is necessary often, for potential job interviews, and potential crisis situations."

by Dan Abshear


What would you do, if…


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Whistleblower Falls On Hard Times

Not every whistle blower
gets the support he deserves.
"You do in fact lose a lot when you are very poor and often broke- people in…

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Inmates Write

Dan Abshear- in jail for three months in 2015:

A few men here in jail with me look much older than their actual age. And this is fascinating to me.

This possibly may be due to their in-home doses of severe drugs.

Their accelerated age may also be due to various life tragedies they have experienced.

These prematurely aged men are very pleasant people to speak with I have found. Yet I do in fact see pain in their eyes as I interact with them.

Myself I am told…


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Microscopium - the microscope

microscope Having named one southern constellation after a telescope, Lacaille named another after the microscope. The two star groups are beside each other. It seemed only right since each of these inventions expanded our level of consciousness by orders of magnitude, albeit in opposite…

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Monoceros - the unicorn

yaayimaunicorn The constellation Monoceros was invented to fill in a big gap in the winter sky. The ancient star watchers don't seem to have been overly concerned about the sky in a cartographical sense, so they recognized Orion and Hydra and associated them with mythical stories, but…

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New wave of terrorism

On 13 February a suicide bombers attacked in Lahore 15 people died & many injured DIG traffic Captain Mobeen & SSP operations Mr ZM Gondal were also the victim of Lahore Blast. yesterday 6 people died in two suicide attacks in Peshawar Pakistan. …


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American Politic

Why is America in near constant war?

There is more than one reason.

We like to swagger. We like to sway. It lets us feel the clothes, lets us feel the groove, let us show off a bit. We know we can’t always swagger, but we do it where possible.

The government is run by humans and thus their personal bias bleeds into policy and it makes us sway. When we come to our senses and put in some…


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