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Going. Going. Gone

I was raised in the "Deep South", where the existence of God isn't up for debate. It is beaten into your brain from the very beginning. If you have any questions, you should just keep them to your self. Despite all that, it's petty fair to say that my existence, up until the past couple of years, has been a see-saw of varying degrees of belief. Some years I would recognize that no evidence of a god existed and that prayer was 50/50 at best. Other years, I would…

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The Failure of Modern Christian Apologists

I often try to corner theists on theology. I face them with what their Bible says literally and/or at it's base. For example, your spiritual leader promises to come back as a mass murderer. He's the child of a rich man whom promises you a mansion if you'll just give up all of your money today for a promise. Where is it that TV Evangelists get it from again? More often than not, I'll get a disingenuous side step and they'll say that you need to listen to theologians or read a specific book.…


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Celebrating "Kitzmas" or the rebirth of hope against ignorance and creationism


Yes, Kitzmas. Its been 5 years from the Kitzmiller v. Dover case. According to the National Council for Science Education…


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Sunday Morning Service - 05DEC

Sunday Morning Service

05 DEC 2010

Links of Interest

Religious Do Not Have Monopoly on Virtue, Queen Tells Synod

Musings of the Spheres…


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Harvey Milk Still Speaking to Me

This weekend I attended a Harvey Milk Vigil because I was in San Fransisco being a tourist. It sounded like an interesting event and it was. There were multiple speakers talking about different issues facing the Gay Community. Really, all of the issues face all of us in the fight for equality. But I did take issue with one of the speakers on one point. Gay or straight, I think that it would apply for many of us that are… Continue

Added by Gaytor on December 1, 2010 at 1:45pm — 5 Comments

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