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Secular center

I have been having some serious thoughts about trying to establish a permanent meeting place for local atheists can meet and discuss community events, needs, etc. I am located in Albany, GA and would like some feedback on the idea. If i can get the project up and running then I will be needing some help from local, motivated atheists. If you are from this area please let me know if you have any questions or comments or if you wish to lend a hand. thanks all 

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Just an invite to consider donating to Wikipedia during their fundraiser. As much as I have used it, I realized today that donating a few dollars is absolutely nothing compared to the value of knowledge and learning I have received from the site over the years.

Let's continue to support knowledge and free inquiry for the masses!

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dear figurehead of the empire

whose puppet strings are pulled by the moneyed interests of the

world &

not just one nation,

how transparent can one be,

how audacious,

when demanding that all people across the periphery

submit to the will of this pretend



had anyone asked if the empire had no sway in the

asian pacific?

hasn’t the big long erect american penis stretched itself beyond…


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Please sign petition defending a free and Secular Middle East and North Africa

Defend a free and Secular Middle East and North Africa.

Manifesto for a Secular Middle East and North Africa.

Created By



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Anybody who was homeschooled in a religious home can agree, it is VERY different from family to family.  The Joneses let their kids play with Ghostbuster toys....the Robinsons watch the Simpsons...the Higgins let their daughters wear pants to church while the Williamses all wear dresses.


Growing up in a religious home that did not allow TV and actively sheltered me made my life VERY interesting growing up.  I dealt with suicidal thoughts when I was sixteen and had a lot of…


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This post may be somewhat sexually graphic, but it is a valid... problem I am experiencing.


I have been seeing a girl for ~7 months or so. She is Catholic and is one of few people who know that I am an atheist/agnostic whatever the hell I am. Initially it seemed that nothing would work out but we enjoyed each others company enough that we decided to go steady. We have a physical relationship, but no actual sex, everything else is fair game but vaginal intercourse is off…


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The Pope puckers up

Well not really, but this is part of a fantastic campaign promoting tolerance. The Vatican wielded its power and had this ad pulled but not before I was able to save a copy and share it with the world. They will not censor tolerance.

There are some others that are worth checking out too.…


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The Dumbing Down of America

On Fresno`s County`s proposed “tent city” jail plan

To deem a person such a threat to society for the substances that person CHOOSES to consume and to lock that person up, behind walls, behind bars, behind chain link fence, knowing all the while that there will come a day in the near future that the gates will swing open and that person is no longer considered a threat to society with not one single minute of that time spent on correction is absurd. Then to assert that somehow, by…


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it begins

the empire has had enough---

having pandered to those occupying for 2 months now,

standing cute & subtle beside, avoiding aggression

so as to avoid unfavorable photo-ops with those


so as to avoid having the footage being posted on youtube &

other places on the net---

now the evictions, the tearing up & the throwing away of

people’s property has begun

the lawyers representing zuccotti have got a restraining…


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Well! That didn't quite work out the way they wanted it to!

Here's a short story I thought I'd share with you guys: 


After taking a class that focused heavily on Eastern spirituality, I took a liking to the tenet of pluralism (this is popular in Eastern spirituality, encouraging the equal value and substance of all religious/spiritual beliefs). It was a lot more welcoming, I figured, than the absolutist views held by Western spirituality. For me, I felt like it didn't matter what I believed or not believed; as long as I…


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Economics - How little do you know? A test.

It's quite evident that the forefront question in the elections of the past couple of years, and most likely in the next few years, is heavily centered on economics. Since economics isn't quite as easy as many believe, and there are a number of arguments made which run from being somewhat inaccurate to flat out wrong, some researchers made a survey to test the average voter's knowledge. The study came to some quite interesting conclusions, especially in relation to how people answered…


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Just A Thought

Religion Tries To Convince You.

That You Are Lost.

In Order To Sell You.

A Map.

Religion Tries To Convince You.

That You Are Sick.

In Order To Sell You.

A Cure.

Religion Tries To Convince You.

That You Are Unhappy.

In Order To Sell You.


They Try To Convince You.

That There Is Something Wrong With You Life.

In Order For You To Buy Into Their Bullshit.

Yes, Your Life May Not Be…


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My Deconversion

(Updated November 14, 2011)


When I was growing up, my father was extremely harsh and controlling. He was never physically abusive, but he was an emotional nightmare. I don't hold a grudge against him any more; we've spoken and made amends, so to speak. As a small child, however, some things about him were terrifying; he was very tall, his voice was deep and loud, and every time he got mad, it was an explosion of rage that had built up because he insisted on holding everything…


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"I Survived... Beyond and Back" <- Idk why this scares me

I don't know of you've seen this Biography Channel show called "I Survived... Beyond and Back", but it scares me.


Let me give you a synopsis of one of the many stories:

Woman dies due to complications during surgery. She seems to feel like she is floating above her body watching her death and then is greeted by a random person (or Jesus or god) or a loved one that is either convincing her to join them in the light. They always mention the odd supernatural loving feel…


Added by Adam Hanzel on November 13, 2011 at 11:07pm — 2 Comments

greener (screaming from the soapbox)

our color of survival in this country

that which will outlast the empire

that which will give us hope again

is much more green than

anything else---

where 14 million (on the books) are

out of work,

where anger is at an all time high,

where the homeless population of

one american city has gone through the roof

(40,000+ & that is only the number of those

in shelters),

and so many others will…


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My Journey to Atheism, and a view into a 'good' church experience

I am a 21-year-old college student, and I have been atheist for about 4-5 years now.  I was raised christian, going to a presbyterian church from the time I was born until now (my mom often makes me go when I'm home for breaks...especially around christmas).  Church was a big part of my life every week, and my mom was even one of the sunday school teachers.  Many people become atheist because they had a bad experience with an overbearing, boring, or just plain rediculous church.  I, however,…


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Penn State Prayer - Not Helpful to The Vicitms

The pre-game prayer at Penn State really bothered me but I couldn't put into words just how much. From his blog The Friendly Atheist, Hermant Mehta writes about it with his usual eloquent yet direct way. The blog is as follows:



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Why Christians Support Abortion--A Response to William Lane Craig's Argument

This is in response to WL Craig's argument that the slaughter of women, children and unborn fetuses was justified in the bible, as he claims they could have grown into potentially evil people that did much more destruction in the world.  And according to WL Craig, we should actually feel sorry for the soldiers that had to kill these defenseless people.  WL Craig should not be allowed to get…


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Revisiting My Godd*mned Moral Compass

I'm a college student of an unconventional age, (I'm about 9-10 years older than my classmates) and I am working on starting a freethinkers club on campus, considering there are no less than three clubs which define themselves as "Christian."

I was discussing this prospect with some of my atheist classmates when the subject of my moral compass discussions with my best friend came up.

You know the drill, I'm an atheist, so therefore I have no absolute on which to base my…


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The Bible goes Hollywood!!!

I came across this on the website,.

The scene is a Hollywood movie studio boardroom.  S.H., the studio head, is probing his staff for some "blockbuster movie ideas".

One tidbit-


"S.H. (reading aloud): Holy Bible. (shrugs) Doesn't ring a bell."


Find the rest at …


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