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My "Spiritual" Journey: From Agnostic to Christian to Atheist to Freedom

I suppose I have been skeptical of religion all my life. An early childhood experience at a local Pentecostal church, attended by what seemed like normal sane adults, quickly deteriorated into a disturbing circus (initiated by a fiery southern preacher accompanied by a gleeful organist working in unison) of: unintelligible speech, flopping on the floor, fainting, crying, and pitiful entreaties to god for for his forgiveness from the ecstatic congregation. Even at that early age I found it… Continue

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Inquiry uncovers 80 new cases of abuse

Bishops named in report fight calls to step down

EIGHTY files are to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) by a garda team investigating fresh complaints of clerical child abuse.

The complaints were made after publication in May of the Ryan report, which detailed horrific physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by members of religious orders.

The revelation comes as gardai turn their attention to investigating priests in the Dublin… Continue

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TV Presenter On Death Row For Witchcraft

A man has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for witchcraft because he makes predictions on television.

Ali Sibat is not even a Saudi national. The Lebanese citizen was only visiting Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage when he was arrested in Medina last year.

A court in the city condemned him as a witch on November 9.

The only evidence presented in court was reportedly the claim he appeared regularly on Lebanese satellite issuing general… Continue

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Court turns down student over religious speech

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a student who complained that high school officials violated her constitutional rights when they turned off her microphone during her religion-tinged graduation speech.

The justices said Monday they will not revive a lawsuit filed by Brittany McComb of Henderson, Nev. challenging the actions of Clark County school officials. A federal appeals court ruled previously ruled against her.

During McComb's… Continue

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Mass. woman sees image of Jesus on her iron

METHUEN — A Massachusetts woman who recently separated from her husband and had her hours cut at work says an image of Jesus Christ she sees on her iron has reassured her that "life is going to be good."

Mary Jo Coady first noticed the image Sunday when she walked into her daughter's room.

The brownish residue on the bottom of the iron looks like the face of a man with long hair.

The 44-year-old Coady was raised… Continue

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An Objective Source for Morality?

Nature is, as Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “red in tooth and claw”. It has no morals. Morality is a human construct that usually reflects our social norms. As such, morality is formed by an amalgam of influences from family, religion, culture, evolution and the arts. This amalgam of influences varies from person to person and is relative to our exposure to, and experience with, these influences.

Almost half the human race subscribes to a religion that claims morality is objective… Continue

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Victorian Government Refuses Funding for Atheist Convention in Melbourne

The Victorian State Government has basically ignored the request for funding for the "Rise of Atheism" Convention in Melbourne next March, while allocating $4.5m in funds for the "The Parliament of the World’s Religions".

This decision to basically ignore the funding request shows gross contempt for Atheism and Atheists alike in favour of religion and religious organisations.

See article posted at the convention's website… Continue

Added by Martin Pribble on November 27, 2009 at 12:36am — 1 Comment

Choosing my Religion...Again. And Again.

For the last 15 years, I have classified myself as "Christian". From birth to about ten years old, I was a Catholic, then I converted to being Baptist until I was fifteen. As a Catholic, I felt nothing but shame that I was too poor to go to Catholic school, and I hated being in the heathenish Public School. I read my Bible, praying for a better life.

I met a friend in the fourth grade, and she shared the gospel with me. At age nine. In Public School. I went to her church, read her… Continue

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From My Blog - Atheist Climber "In The Name Of Good"

I made a tweet this morning, based on this news story I read in The Daily Press about a group of students at Bethel Christian School who: "took part in a variety of projects, including writing letters and sending care packages to troops in Iraq, assembling food boxes and grooming kits for the Peninsula Rescue Mission, cleaning up Bluebird Gap Farm, completing household chores for… Continue

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The Closest Thing to Faith, for Atheists

Whenever something bad happens for a theist, one thing that I often hear from some (or if not all) of them is "it's God's plan". At first, it sounds like rubbish, but if you analyze the intent behind why they believe in such nonsense, what they're actually saying is that they need a reason or justification for believing in themselves and believing that there is some order to the relative chaos in their lives.

As Atheists, we don't have the same supernatural kind of reassurance. We… Continue

Added by Philip Laureano on November 26, 2009 at 6:24pm — 8 Comments

The Biggest Christian lie (FREE WILL !)

In nearly 30 years as an Atheist every time I have discusted faith with a christian it never fails that they're last ditch argument will always be to claim that they're God gave people free will. So to all Atheist I challenge you to hold them to fined where in the Bible dose they're God ever mention FREE WIIL? In fact every time people in the Bible excersize FREE WILL they're God punishes them! So where do modern day fundys get this bullshit about FREE WILL? Actually it is a modern day concept.… Continue

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The Family in Uganda

The Family has wielded it's influence outside of the US. Ugandan Legislator David Bahati has proposed a bill that would imprison a person for a gay act. Upon a second offense, they would face life in prison. There are even jail terms for speaking positively about homosexuality. Story Link

Jeff Sharlet has been… Continue

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Love God, you will receive money.

Some of you may or may not know I am in some financial troubles right now (aren't we all?)

Well I was chatting with an old classmate on MSN. He asked how I was doing, I said not good because I lost my job and can't pay my bills.

His solution? Pray to God.
If you accept God, your troubles will be over.

Hah. ha ha hah. haaaaahhh.

...................;; (<-- this indicates a blank look. just so you know.)

Added by Desirai on November 25, 2009 at 10:45pm — 4 Comments

Google and the Internet's Memory

I recently noticed that a few of our members are using their full names. I did this as well at first until I did a name search on Google. I assume that the SEO settings and popularity of TA has bots crawling all over. While that's a great thing for getting our thoughts out, it may not be the best thing professionally.

The internet is being used by us (and likely Big Brother) to monitor us. Meaning, companies that want to hire us will do a name search to see what pops up, nearly at a… Continue

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To my American friends on Think atheist

Have a lovely time, dont eat to much but more importantly dont talk man, puff

George and family

Added by a7 on November 25, 2009 at 11:55am — 1 Comment

Waking Up, Accepting Logic and Reason as Your Saviors and Rejecting Jesus Christ for Your Sanity

The path of "Accepting Jesus Christ as your savior" has to be one of the biggest mind games in the history of the Christian religion. I used to be a Southern Baptist once, and they often used that technique after they've convinced you that you're a piece of shit and the only way to "unshit" yourself is to accept Jesus as your savior, and once you've supposedly done that, they constantly told me that I was "backsliding" and I ended up getting stuck in a vicious cycle of mentally flogging myself… Continue

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Man Awakes From Coma? Not So Fast...

Here now is a story that will sell newspapers. No doubt you have already heard of the Belgian man who, after an automobile accident, spent the last 23 years in a coma. After his family requested a new diagnosis, it was found through brain scans (of some sort) that his brain was functioning normally and that was when they realized he could communicate with a touch pad and a helping hand. The story that emerged is that he was fully aware during those 23 years and was "trapped", unable to speak or… Continue

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Happy birthday to me and you

I was showing wee jack my pic on the birthday list and we noticed that there are lots of people with birthday's today.

From me, donna and all my wee a7's we wish you a happy birthday

p.s wee jack is adamant that donna gets 43 fuckingt candles for my cake. lol

I got a bad radio btw

dont talk, puff man…


Added by a7 on November 25, 2009 at 7:53am — 2 Comments

Sorry I've made a mistake..not a "big" mistake like Weapons of Mass Destruction..but a mistake none the less.....

It seems that I have made a mistake about the Family Guy show. It seems that I'm months behind in my viewing. I watch it on Adult Swim.

Along with the Venture Brothers.....

The show as some have pointed out has already been broadcast. And yes Brian did come out as an atheist. Most of the "Family" on Family Guy were not happy with it. Seems that Meg also finds "God."

Ya know....with the is "God" person being lost and… Continue

Added by Rick on November 25, 2009 at 7:06am — 4 Comments

Did I Miss a Memo?

About a year ago I was sitting on the bus taking me from partial-hospitalization for depression and anxiety back home for the night, when the girl in front of me said something.

"Isn't Atheism, like, worshiping the devil or something?"

Stifling a scoff, I replied "No. It's just the absence of a religion. You know, because theism is religion and adding an a- to it means it's 'without.'"

I sat there in silence for the rest of the way home, amazed at my encounter… Continue

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