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kids and atheisim

we were having our Sunday meal with relatives and friends on sunday. This involved lots of kids running, screaming and fighting with one another, suddenly adfter about 5 mins silence I knew I had to investigate. Sure enough they were now all using their hosts tatto spray gun type of toys, every thing was fine and I left.

About 20 mins after we see a trickle of kids coming back in displaying their inked skin. One of my nephews llooked unhappy and I asked what was the matter, he… Continue

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My Crazy Story

I was raised in a Christian 'Church of God' church.

The sect was actually called "Pentacostal Holiness".

Speaking in tongues, dancing and other mystical entertainment was a weekly experience for me. We were taught that this was a necessary step to really be close to god and have him speak through you.

We were put into a room on Sunday mornings to hear and memorize stories and verses. The women didn't cut their hair and they wore long dresses. No jewelry. The men… Continue

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“The Tyranny of the Majority”

On this Monday, November 2, 2009, the day before the voters of the State of Maine go to the polls to decide if they are to be in reality what all of the paperwork says we are in principle. Whether the citizens of Maine are to be allowed to "pursue happiness" as it has been previously declared is our right. And if we are to be in fact, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Or, if our government is not to be defined by us, but by someone's idea of god and…

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In my home Town!!! WOO!!!

Finally we get out own billboard in town!~Dan

Lakeland - Motorists along one of Lakeland's major thoroughfares are being greeted with a billboard asking a provocative question: "Don't believe in God?"

Then there's the answer: "You are not alone"

The billboard went up Sunday on eastbound Memorial Boulevard near Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, making Lakeland the second Florida city to… Continue

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Coming Out.

It’s time to come out of the closet; the Atheist closet that is.

I have been an Atheist for well over 15 years but rarely state that in public; usually only on my personal blog, but that is going to change.

Recent dealings with a charity and certain situations have pushed me towards coming out; if you will. I’m an Atheist and proud of it!

The Road to Atheism.

I started going to church at a very young age. I lived in the “projects”… Continue

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Delusional People Should NOT be in Positions of Power

In most parts of our lives we would not seek out and employ delusional people to do tasks for us. If we were told that our doctors believed that magic mushroom people were able to heal us and that this belief was intrinsic to their world view, I think most of us would seek a new doctor. If we were told that the person educating our children would go into a closet and talk to the magical bunny of education for guidance and how to impart knowledge to our children we would be hesitant to let that… Continue

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"Good Without God" event in Cambridge tonight

The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard invites all local non-theist and Humanist individuals and organizations to celebrate the UnitedCOR's Boston campaign launch.

On Nov. 2 HCH will honor the UnitedCoR for their historic 25-city coalition-building campaign, by making them the 2009 "Harvard Humanists of the Year". UnitedCoR director Fred Edwords and colleagues will deliver our 17th annual Alexander Lincoln Memorial Lecture, and talk about the responses they are receiving to the "Good… Continue

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Oh Hell!!!

A lot of Christians like to threaten us with eternal pain and punishment in the fiery pit of Hell, but do they know anything about the origins of the concept? Do you? Here's a bit to add to your arsenal of information if you don't already know...

First of all, Hell is a real place. It's true! Rob Bell, the founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church (author of Velvet Elvis), says this:

"The word hell… Continue

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I Don’t Care What Your Delusion Is, I’m Not Obligated To Share It (A Reposting)

I saw this recently on another board and thought it deserved a wider airing:

I Don’t Care What Your Delusion Is, I’m Not Obligated To Share It

The earth revolves around the sun.

The earth is billions, not thousands of years old.

Fox News is neither fair, nor balanced - nor news.

Evolution happened and is happening.

Torture does not work.

Bush did not keep us safe.

Markets do not regulate themselves.

Fascism is not the same as… Continue

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Where in the World is Misty: Mo's Pitbull?

Well, it appears that she is headed the United States, for a short visit. She'll be visiting the 48th state to be inducted into the Union, also known as the Copper State. Where has she fled?

A) Kentucky

B) South Dakota

C) Arizona

D) Mexico


She wanted me to let you all know that she misses you godless heathens. She plans to buy a puppy dog and then travel to Mexico to train it as a… Continue

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Coming Out Atheist to My Mother

My hand shook. I stared as it carried vibrating forkfuls of food towards my mouth--too quickly, I thought. I could barely swallow in time before having another bite to chew. I didn't feel control over my own movements, so they happened anyway; I simply observed. The clichéd tremble amused me, and I chuckled to myself, which I'm sure came across as puzzling to my mother who sat across from me, leaning back from her empty plate as I continued to work at my food--barely touched.

The… Continue

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The godless and the gays; "The Man" is a control freak.

"...Foucault's (1975) concept of the Panopticon - an all-seeing, yet completely invisible source of power and control. This type of surveillance and control is particularly effective because we all unknowingly contribute to it unless we actively work to make it visible by questioning and challenging it."

Doesn't that make you think of religious oppression by, and fear of, a god? This was my first thought when I read this section of this article- but it's an article in a magazine… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 01NOV

Sunday Morning Service

01 NOV 2009

Links of Interest

Pastors: Your Job Isn’t That Important

Constantine & Modern Christianity…


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Hey Lady, Shut up!

I know this is from a while ago, but I just stumbled across it -


It's basically saying why exactly a woman doesn't have the right to say or do anything (because of the bible - shocking!)... except for making sure she marries a manly man that makes sure she continues to not have any say in anything! (emphasis… Continue

Added by Danielle on November 1, 2009 at 12:30am — 12 Comments

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