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Blind Ignorance Didn't Evolve

Charles Darwin dies in 1882, and despite demonstrable lies by a woman called Lady Hope, he did not convert before death. In 1859 he published “Origin of Species” one of the finest scientific works ever published.

Since that date some 140 years ago, evolutionary science has continued to grow and discover a mountain of supporting evidence for both evolution and natural selection.

Still, to this day there are creationists that hold that evolution is false. To do so is… Continue

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In my last post, I spoke about Outreach Media's attempt to try and justify the idea that the Bible is the best evidence for Jesus' love for humanity, and that this love is the best proof for the existence of God. This poster has a simple image of Jesus on a piece of toast, and the URL WantBetterEvidence.org.

Well, me being a curious fellow I decided to go to that website and see what I could make of… Continue

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Argument With a Creationist

So I went into a creationist DeviantArt group to see if they had any good arguments to hold up their silliness...and of course, they didn't. 

I went in respectful; I was honestly just trying to see what their argument was for why they don't think evolution works, and why they think dinos coexisted with people...because I can't even make that leap of logic.

I got shut down pretty quickly by the leader of the group, who insisted that I was a troll for disagreeing with them…


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Holidays are something I've been extremely confused about lately. As an atheist I dont even know if I'm allowed to use the word HOLIday. I'm interested in knowing if any of you fellow Atheists celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Easter, and if not do you celebrate something else on the same day? Or nothing at all?

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the water in the teapot

the water in the teapot is boiling &

the top is rattling---

as the hot steam begins to bubble out

the piercing scream is coming---

14+ million out of work

no universal health insurance

foreclosures upon foreclosures

(just in time for the “holiday season”) &






while the mainstream media does its best

to avoid the happenings within the belly of this empire,



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Al Qaeda Calls On Mahmoud Ahmadinejad To End 'Ridiculous' 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

I had to share this with y'all...I found it to be hilarious and to be another ridicule against the 9/11 conspiracy theorists


Al Qaeda Calls On Mahmoud Ahmadinejad To End 'Ridiculous' 9/11…


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Thought this only happened in other places......

.....but I see the bucolic East Coast is not immune.


A local evangelical church is featured in "Halifax Magazine", a free add-in to the local Sunday paper.


From the article-


"He (Russ Conway, the pastor) initially says a gay person would be welcome within the church, but when pressed acknowledges that unless they wanted to become straight they would not be welcome."


And I'll give you the last three paragraphs (or what I feel is…


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Listen to Your Elders

Growing up the phrase preached regardless of religion is, "Listen to your elders." While it make sense in a control of the masses perspective while kids are going to school, I don't find in retrospect that it was the best advice. Currently, it's severely inadequate as a method of seeking truth or as a method of learning.  When I think back to my Grandmother telling me to put on a hat because I'll catch a cold, I can't help by think, "Derp!" My mother told me to buy a house, you'll never lose…


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business as usual

mr. mccain (remember him?  yes, he’s still alive & still a sold-out withering shell of a man)

steps up to the pulpit &

belts out into the mic that will be broadcasted round the world,

saying that libya is an inspiration for those in



and even those in beijing & russia?



(go to youtube and watch this withering maggot speak, do it for yourself because nobody

can really depict what a puppet…


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Paradox of Prayer

Prayer doesn't make sense. We Atheists know it doesn't work. But The thing is, it couldn't possibly work.

I'm going to be arguing as if the Christian god actually exists here. It's purely hypothetical, I'm not arguing for his existence, merely trying to refine how he could possibly exist. Before I begin, let me lay out a bit of the view of the traditional Christian god so you can see what exactly what I'm talking about. First, god is all knowing. Second, god has a plan. The second…


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A brief history...

Three of the major religions formed out of the early Israelite religion, this religion was essentially a precursor for Judaism, Islam and Christianity.


The original scriptures of the Israelite religion were written between 900 – 100 BC. Not all of these had a directly religious origin, but were given religious significance by being collected together into a single compilation.


It was around 1200 BC that a number of tribes of diverse origin inhabited the hills…


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