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Car Wash

Normally, I wash my car on Saturday mornings when I venture out for quarters. As I rely on the laundry room at my apartment complex , I blow through a pile of coins every weekend to rid my clothes of the week’s grime. The closest change machine happens to be at a self-serve car wash a few blocks away. With just a few minutes and six quarters, I gain a bright shiny black car.

However, I am anticipating a Saturday too busy to include leisurely domestic duties. The dirty… Continue

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I really do love the crazy.

I have really amazing friends, one of whom pointed me to a great article featured in the Halloween section over at cbn.com. It's written by this bag-o-nuts, Kimberly Daniels. Some of it was quoted on the Huffington Post.

Right after that was posted over at HuffPo, the blog mysteriously disappeared from cbn's website.… Continue

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The Universe from NOTHING: Amazing video

This amazing summary of our latest understanding of cosmology, by Lawrence Kraus, will blow your mind. It's what the majority of physicists now believe about the universe. It's the most informative hour I've ever spent in my life. You've GOT to see… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 25OCT

Sunday Morning Service

25 OCT 2009

Links of Interest

Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity Fundamentalists

The Dragon In My Garage…


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Prayer is Not Medical Care [UPDATED AGAIN]

HR 3200 - Prayer is Not Medical Care

Tucked into the health care reform bill passed by Sen. Harkin’s Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee is a mandate that insurers reimburse for “religious or spiritual health care” that is classified as a deductible medical care expense by the Internal Revenue Service. See S.1679, Section…

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Young & Impressionable II

A while back, I posted some journal entries from when I was a believer and promised I'd post more. Well, I found more... and they make me cringe to read them. I was one of them; the ones we, here at T|A, get so maddeningly frustrated with. But, at the same time, I was on to something... and that was being open to materials considered forbidden and threatening to Christians. HA! It was that attitude that brought me here, despite my confidence nothing would shake my belief in God.… Continue

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Atheists offer to care for pets left behind by rapture

ALSTEAD, N.H. (AP) -- Christians who believe they'll vanish from Earth in the rapture can now hire a company to care for their pets.

For $110, Eternal Earth-Bound Pets offers a 10-year contract guaranteeing that an atheist will adopt the pet that's left behind by its raptured owner. Additional pets can be covered for $15.

The company's owner, Bart Centre, says his pet rescuers definitely won't be raptured because they've all blasphemed the Holy Spirit in… Continue

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Fatal Adjustments: How Chiropractic Kills

engraving of a spinal column from Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, 1918.

Fatal Adjustments

How Chiropractic Kills

by J. D. Haines, MD

When Kristi Bedenbaugh wanted relief from a bad sinus headache, the 24 year-old former beauty queen and medical office administrator made the mistake of consulting a chiropractor. An autopsy performed on Kristi revealed that the manipulation of her neck had split… Continue

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Jenny McCarthy spoiled my break.

Thank goodness for the internet. Only by ranting here, am I able to restrain myself from screaming in people's faces, waving my arms around like a crazy person.

Take today. I volunteer at a school for learners with autism (in South Africa, school-going pupils or students are called "learners"). During breaktime, while supervising the children, I chatted with two teacher's aides. We were talking about the best places to purchase books online. The one lady (who completed a psychology… Continue

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My First Skeptical Moment

Yesterday I ran across a video of someone holding a small pendulum and answering questions by "psychically" willing it to move back and forth for yes or left and right for no, and it brought back a flood of memories. I had one of those pendulums (sold by Uri Geller, of course) when I was a teenager and swore by it as a sure thing. I was not so credulous as to believe in Ouija boards (obviously people were subconsciously pushing the thing around), but my pendulum had to be true because I could… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 18OCT

Sunday Morning Service

18 OCT 2009

Links of Interest

What Skepticism Reveals about Science

The Angry Evolutionist…


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Christianity in Africa = pouring acid down kids throats

Virtually everyone knows about the Salem Witch Trials here in the US. People were accused of witchcraft due to benign reasons such as their family member falling sick which is always the action of a witch. Now it was just a matter of making the accusation and the game was on. 150 were arrested with 19 being executed for witchcraft. It's such a shame that virtually all of us today know of the story.

Teaching a… Continue

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What is your heaven?

I became a Christian just over a year ago now and although I had believe for most of my life before that (bar a few years as a "radical atheist"), I was never in the Christian community then and so I lacked knowledge of how to become a Christian and more specific knowledge about the faith.

One of those things that was explained to me then was the concept of forgiveness and salvation - now although I knew of this before, it was more the specifics that I didn't know - before you are "saved"… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 11OCT

Sunday Morning Service

11 OCT 2009

Links of Interest

Americans are fleeing religion as atheism surges

11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do… Continue

Added by Johnny on October 11, 2009 at 5:00am — 7 Comments

Offending The Offensive

I've come to a conclusion. Far too many atheists are far too willing to just accept the prejudices of religious people as being "their right" and far to unwilling to step up and call bullshit on obvious prejudice and bigotry.

This stems from an argument I had with my girlfriend last night, well not so much a true argument really. Let's call it a heated discussion. Let me give you some background, she is currently attending college online at the University of Phoenix. One of her… Continue

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The Future of Earth

Paul Fildago

Secular Examiner

October 5, 2009

"If you think that the civilizations of 150 billion years from now will have a better idea of how the universe came to be than we do, Lawrence Krauss has news for you. Chances are, they'll be in the dark...literally.

Delivering a spirited… Continue

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More Conservative Bible Being Penned

Conservatives are working on a re-write of the Bible to remove the possibility of Liberal misrepresentation of god's will. Yeah...

This is nothing short of Blasphemy. It's also particularly entertaining. This is a rebuke of the words chosen by god (certainly not my beliefs). These are people at odds with god, but rather than finding the right religion, they intend on changing this one.… Continue

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Movie Discussion: The Invention of Lying (Spoiler Alert)

I braved a torrential Texas downpour on Saturday night to see this movie. Fortunately, it was well worth the drenched clothing and sodden sneakers.

This movie is brilliant in its dual criticism of both blind faith and strict realism. While the satire of religious belief is rather blatant, the film employs a subtler condemnation toward strict adherence to a singular reality. Prior to Mark telling the first lie, the world was completely… Continue

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Colors Make Reading Fun!

Colorful emails hit my email inbox daily.


They are usually one of three basic flavors; the religious email, the conservative/political email, and the nonsensical chain mail imploring one to forward their GIF infested message of vapidity on to their friends and co-workers.…


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Sunday Morning Service - 04OCT

Sunday Morning Service

04 OCT 2009

Links of Interest

20 coolest atheist T-shirts for sale on the web - according to the Telegraph

Assertions… Continue

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