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Insight from Canada about "There Are No Accidents"

The Good Atheist podcast from Canada had a great insight the other day. One of the hosts was ranting about the oft-heard phrase "there are no accidents" and he pointed out that accidents and coincidences only make sense in a materialistic world governed by trial and error. There would be no reason for coincidences in a perfectly planned universe, so the very fact that spooky coincidences exist that make people say, "I believe everything happens for a reason" or "there are no accidents" is proof… Continue

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Bank that was supposed to be protected by God deemed a "failure"

Riverview Community Bank, an Otsego firm that attracted national media attention several years ago for espousing prayer in the workplace, has been shut down by state regulators.

The six-year-old bank, which has $108 million in assets and branches in Otsego and Anoka, was an aggressive real estate lender, once boasting the fourth-highest concentration of real estate loans-to-capital among community banks in the state. The bank was hard hit by the wave of foreclosures that began… Continue

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Just some things and Hello too! I think that the ultimate 'test' of the believer and atheist (it was the Christians that were first called atheists or 'without the gods' in the Roman Empire-several …

Just some things and Hello too!

I think that the ultimate 'test' of the believer and atheist (it was the Christians that were first called atheists or 'without the gods' in the Roman Empire-several hundred thousands lost their lives, including whole families because they would not repent on their faith, which was their right just as it is the right of atheists to believe as they wish FYI) is Death.Not a veiled threat as we all face death sooner or later.We are all in it… Continue

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Church Of Sweeden Approves Gay Marriage

Beginning on Nov. 1, the Church of Sweeden will allow same-sex marriages. In a story from The Sikh Times, the decision by the Lutheran denomination follows the legalization of same-sex marriages by the Sweedish parliament earlier this year.

The vote by the church's governing board was 176-62.

According to the story:

Sweden's Lutheran Church split from the state in 2000 but remains the… Continue

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Church Gives Away Money To Get People To Show Up

The online edition of the Chicago Sun-Times tells us that a church in the area is trying to boost attendance through the use of a raffle system that awards cash prizes among those who show up to church.

According to the story:

For the last three weeks ... Lighthouse Church of All Nations in Alsip has raffled a combined $1,000 to attendees at… Continue

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Saudi female TV journalist gets 60 lashes

RIYADH (Reuters) - A Saudi court sentenced a female journalist to 60 lashes in a case brought after a Lebanese television channel she worked for aired the sex confession of a Saudi man, the reporter and a lawyer said.

Rosana, 22, who did not want her full name disclosed, said a court in Jeddah convicted her on Saturday on grounds that the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) she worked for did not have proper authorization to operate in… Continue

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Tonight I'm going to do something I have rarely done in the two years I've been making this feeble attempt to write about the innumerable threats of faith - I'm going to discuss matters of a more intimate nature. I have chosen to write about what is happening with me, right now.

I don't like doing this. It's a stupidly selfish endeavor, and I never had this sort of thing in mind whenever I sat down to dream up this sordid little project. Welcome to the… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 25OCT

Sunday Morning Service

25 OCT 2009

Links of Interest

Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity Fundamentalists

The Dragon In My Garage…


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Been busy.

The job market is horrid, but I'm trying to get a part time job somehow. I've been slowly bu surely cleaning up my desktop setup, and I've achieved this.

Admittedly, the far left is still the warzone of random gadgetry, rarely thrown out pillars of empty cola cans, and waded up issues of the paper I write for.

I've recently acquired Windows 7. Don't. Buy. It. By. Itself. Ever. I could've SWORN I've learned my lesson. Well,… Continue

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The Holographic Universe Part 2

In my previous blog entry, I posted the first half of a lengthy article that starts off (ostensibly) scientific, then degenerates into New Age subjects like ESP and other "psychic phenomena". I cut out the less-than-scientific parts.

This blog entry posts (by request) the last half of the article. To appreciate the second half, below, you'll really need to read the first half as well.


More than that, some believe it may solve some mysteries… Continue

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Dawkins to Target Teenagers? Let the Apoplectic Response from Theists and Media Begin!

Richard Dawkins wrote a very excellent book on, to borrow from Jerry Coyne's also excellent and eponymously titled book, why evolution is true. Dawkins went on his promotional tour, many times being thrown to wolves who had no interest in helping him promote his latest book or in evolution itself. Many of these television personalities were focused on taking a swipe at, what they must have perceived to be, the Pope of New Atheism and obsessing over his 2006 book, The God Delusion. Richard… Continue

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Prayer is Not Medical Care [UPDATED AGAIN]

HR 3200 - Prayer is Not Medical Care

Tucked into the health care reform bill passed by Sen. Harkin’s Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee is a mandate that insurers reimburse for “religious or spiritual health care” that is classified as a deductible medical care expense by the Internal Revenue Service. See S.1679, Section…

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Cat Stevens

I used to really enjoy Cat Stevens music, he is a talented song writer and performer. But I was always confused by his sudden adoption of Islam. When I read his auto biography, I learned that he had been swimming off the coast of California, when he was caught in a riptide and knew he was going to die, and he promised God that if he saved him, he would devote the rest of his life to Him. And later he decided that Islam was the route he needed to take. Why I found this interesting was, that at… Continue

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American Coal: A Gift From God

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina has said he will support making the planet "a cleaner, safer place" but only if we "use the coal that God has given us."

According to a story at rawstory.com, Graham told Fox News on Thursday: "I won't vote for any climate change bill that doesn't allow a dramatic increase in nuclear power. I'm not going to vote for any climate change bill that doesn't… Continue

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Wish the Earth a Happy Birthday!

Today is the day James Ussher said that the earth was born in 4004 BC. We all know that he was right so how about a Happy Birthday for the Earth!

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Church Has "Reality House" To Compete With Haunted Houses

A Church in Louisiana is offering a "Reality House" as an alternative to the traditional Halloween haunted housed offered by others.

According to a public notice in the Ouachita Citizen...

Teenagers will get a scary look at the results of unwise decisions through simulations of a fatal automobile accident, emergency medical response, emergency room death, a funeral, and life after death. The… Continue

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"Under God" Button Plus Bible Means No Job

According to a story from WPTV.com (a Florida TV station's web site), an employee of Home Depot was let go after repeatedly trying to wear a button that said "One nation under God, indivisible."

The story points out that the employee, Trevor Keezer, had worn the button for over a year with no issues, but only was asked to take… Continue

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Atheism: What's the Point?

Lisa Miller, Newsweek's Religion Editor, thinks you are boring. Okay, actually she thinks that arguing over religion is boring. So stop it. Seriously.

She wrote an article title and subtitled so:

Two White Guys Walk Into a Bar … Let's move beyond faith versus reason.…

Photobucket Continue

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Internet rules and laws: the top 10, from Godwin to Poe

The internet has matured into a world of its own, and like the real world, it obeys certain immutable laws. Here are 10 of the most important.

The Shepard Fairey Barack Obama image with added swastika and Hitler moustache. Internet rules and laws: the top 10, from Godwin to Poe
Godwin's Law in action


Any internet user will know that the web, like the outside world (or “meatspace”), follows certain…


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