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Imagine No Religion

The 11th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks seems like an appropriate time to reflect on John Lennon's words and imagine what our lives would be like with no religion. Most atheists already know what it means to have no religion, at least on a personal level. But what about society as a whole? Can we dare to envision a world without corrupt, repressive, separatist dogma? I certainly hope so.

What would we be missing if religions vanished tomorrow? Charity? If you currently believe in a…


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some think they’re bulletproof,

some think they’ll never wake up

with a sickness they can’t explain,

some think none of their loved ones

will ever die,

some think they’ll never lose their


some think their house will continue

to increase in value,

some think there property will always

be secure,

some think that their company will

always be on top,

some think that their kids will go to



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From Wellville to Tumortown

This is a review of Christopher Hitchens last book – Mortality. He brilliantly describes his ‘year of living dyingly’. I would like to make it clear now that this writing is not mine. It is copied entirely from the book review section of the Irish Times. It is written by John Banville whose books share the same shelf…


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Am I The Only One That Thinks This...

I am an Atheist.

Ever so often, my sister gives me some gossip about how some Preacher has found himself in legal trouble.

Or how the girls that go to Church every Sunday are now pregnant.

Or how the guys that go to Church every Sunday knocked someone up.

Or anything else were a supposed Christian does something that is a moral WTF!

And the same thought comes across my mind...

"I Am An Atheist, But I Am More Christian Than They Are."

And I…


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the layoff

more the norm than the exception

in this wonderful capitalist rape room

where coming into work can mean

leaving early without a job & a

pink slip, with a pat on the back & a

“thanks for being such a good worker”---

armed with all the facetious nonsense

that emanates from the mouths of

higher-ups, whose jobs are just a little

more secure than your own,

making them bent further over the table

with the drill…


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A while back, I had a long chat with my niece, trying to explain what I believe is the inevitability of events and the consequent contradiction of the concept of free will.  She puttered off and posted on her page/site/whatever, what was probably a two hour conversation condensed into a short explanation.  I post that here to give the benefit of brevity to anyone who is interested.



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A Dog Eat Dog World

Star Trek- Shore Leave. Dec 29, 1966. Elijah and Ahab

First Kings 11:28 to 25:51

11:28 Solomon promoted Jeraboam to number one head boss of all the tribes.

One day Jeraboam met a prophet who grabbed at Jerry's new clothes and tore them into pieces. He used the pieces of clothing to illustrate his…


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The Difference Between Philosophy And Religion

The Difference Between Philosophy And Religion

I am calling myself atheistic as a part of being apistic.  But there are many people, who call themselves atheists in spite of being religious.  They do not consider this as a contradiction, as long as their preferred religion does not include personalized deities. Buddhism is an example, which is wrongly defined as a philosophy by those alleged…

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so stevie harper closed an

embassy & sent some people

back to Iran, now, you think

that Iran is going to strike





word on the street,

spewing forth out of the mouths

of the world’s policeman

like the most disgusting of

vomit & all its buddies

(and all those fucking terrified

of it & its little batshit psychotic

little brother) puking in

unison, is…


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the deathbed conversion

when the sick one laying there

looked around for their “loved ones,”

all they saw were white coats &

when the white coats left them,

all they saw were white walls &

when they squinted their little eyes

closed, to try & talk to

“him” (whatever fictional character(s)

that they’d devoted a large portion of

their life to---typically the latter “i’m

dying” years),

all they got was silence---



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no signs of a struggle

was told that if s/he studied

hard in high school, not taking time

out to party, that she’d get into

college &

there were

no signs of a struggle.


was told that if s/he did well in

college, when s/he got out, s/he’d

get a good job, be able to pay back

all his/her loans & would be able

to build a good life &

there were no signs of a struggle.


was told that if s/he worked…


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The Hope Of A Lost Homeless Person

As of today, I’ve been homeless for three years.

My father died last year, and left me over 11 thousand dollars, with a life insurance policy.  To a broke and homeless person, that is quite a fortune. 

With that money, I bought some dentures for this girl I was caring for in Indiana, and I gave some money to the man I lived with in Indiana, who died last May.  The girl I rescued from Atlanta last year.  She was homeless there, as I was.  The man we were living with I met…


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Slavery Is Fine as Long as It Gets People Closer to God!

So last night, I got into a very heated, very emotional debate with someone on Facebook.  In case you didn't know, that's what Facebook is for.  You get on there, you find some post that some friend has put up, and you troll the shit out of it.  That, obviously, is a joke, but it can sometimes be seen as truth.  I took screen captures of the conversation with the woman I was "debating," but in order to keep identities private, I will not post those screen caps, even though I feel her…


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The Fall of Atheism

Is it just me, or does everybody on here sound like pathetic politicians, just trying to make themselves sound more believable putting others down than proving themselves? Has anybody heard of the phrase, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar?," or has the complex design of human intelligence been reduced to stupidity?

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Bible review: Leviticus 18-26

Whoever takes a human life shall surely be put to death.  Whoever takes an animal’s life shall make it good, life for life.  If anyone injures his neighbor, as he has done it shall be done to him, fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; whatever injury he has given a person shall be given to him. – Leviticus 24:17-20

I think there are two main things I want in my reading material: one is that I want things to be happening, and the other is that I…


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50 Reasons I Reject Evolution

50 Reasons I Reject Evolution

by Bobbie Jean Pentecost

1.) Because I don’t like the idea that we came from apes… despite that humans are categorically defined and classified as apes.

2.) Because I’m too stupid and/or lazy to open a fucking book or turn on the Discovery Science…


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An Interpretation Of The Myth Of Eve And Adam

Paradise And Instinctivity
- An Interpretation Of The Myth Of Eve And Adam

When I attended a christian kindergarten, I perceived all stories told indiscriminately as fairy tales, no matter if the were Grimm's or from the bible.

The story of how Eve and Adam lost their paradise was one of those fairy tales.   But rationally seen, their garden Eden was certainly not the perfect paradise.   Had it been,…

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Don't be such a big baby.

Best way to cut a watermelon. King Solomon

First Kings 1:1 to 11:28

1:1 King David was getting very old and feeble. He even had trouble staying warm so the country was searched for the perfect beautiful young virgin girl to cuddle with him. She was found and tended to the old king's physical…

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reduction of the “hero”

sees him on television

marching in the shows that

glorify war by painting so-called

“heroism,” as anything but

being hired killers.


sees her in the advert prior to

the violence ridden film, when

the life of a soldier in the

american military comes with

a rock song behind it &

a pastiche of bringing clean

water, holding babies, smiling

with their thumbs up &

palling around for photo…


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babbling dirty harry

crusty ol’ Clint

pausing & gesturing,

babbling & rambling

through what others have

deemed a “speech”---

talking to that

empty chair on stage

in front of all the hopeful

repugnicans (a room full

of predominantly old white

people…some even wearing

stuffed animal hats), hinting

at profanity that might come

from the mouth of president

hope & change, as if he

might be different…


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